Saturday, November 27, 2010


im feeling terribly emo right now...for some unknown's not as if i had a bad just feeling really insecure...sometimes i wish i had luffy's naivety..i need one piece therapy right now! sigh..i had a 4 hour theory lesson today...theory overload seriously. i've been playing da piano a lot recently too. in da middle of da da's been eating into my sleeping time. also since i've been helping out with anne's assignments. maybe im just tired...but im damn pressured right now..feel fucking inadequate. my piano sucks my guitar sucks my singing sucks..i feel fucking face like shit. im still nowhere near my dreams. it just keeps drifting further and further away from me. so what if i can play da piano? so what if i can sing? there's always someone better than me..prettier than me out there. endless amounts of competition. at this rate im never gonna be able to achieve anything. how much more time must i waste? i seriously feel sorry for my pathetic self right now. should probably just sleep and bounce back to da confident me again tomorrow. 

something i drew during break just now..have you read one piece chapter 605? wasnt it awesome??? third gear homg third gearr!! and zoro and sanji and everyone! snippets of their powers omigosh....i wanna tame a kraken too! a downer on one piece right now...oh wells ja na~

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