Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Scareeeeeeee!


da next episode of Adventures of FIERA is finally here! halloween is just around da corner..are you guys ready for a scare?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! for da weak hearted..please do not switch on your volume too loud..or watch this at night!

da quality of da youtube vid is very bad..and it was divided in two parts so if you want da HQ youtube have to watch it here> Part 1 & Part 2

creatures of da dark...i meant no please do not haunt my crew and i..すみませんでした!

...proceed with caution...


Part One

Part Two

We've hope you enjoy our halloween scarefare! ja nya!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


hie all! we've finally finished filming (still got editing though..zzz LOL)! Adventures of FIERA episode 3 will be airing sometime next week! for those who have been waiting...GOMEN!

edi and kobblestone have started school and it's really difficult to come up with an ep every two weeks..especially when all our schedules we'll only be coming up with one episode a month! we might make it longer and upload it in parts..but everything's still undecided cos we don't want it to be too draggy.

in da mean time..whilst we lack episodes..we'll be posting stuff like our 'Once Upon a Time in China' series and other crazy stuff too! hopefully you guys will like it!

Now here're some candid shots from Once Upon a Time in China!

haha! i dont know what im doing!

hahaha horrible pic! but i like my eyes here LOL can you see da gray?


Chinatown GLITZ!

Samurai Karu!

Speaking of Karu (Shio's cat by da way).. he looks so cool and handsome right! but actually a closet DUMBO! LOL da other day when shio was cooking ramen right..she went out of da kitchen for a while. and when she came back..she saw karu on da counter and was like...what's that burnt smell!? hahahaha then she realised that it was karu's TAIL!!! hhahaha seriously these kinda situations only happen in cartoons! just look at da pic below!

hey point in trying to act cool! LOL his fur is actually really soft..and now his tail is like an afro..LOLOL even da non burnt parts are frizzy! hahaha!

anyway that's all for now! look out for our next episode yeah..ja nya!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Once Upon a Time in China - Part 3

If you haven't read the previous entries CLICK>>> Part 1 & Part 2

Previously on Once Upon a Time in China, we followed our hero Wu Ri Yao as she enters the Crimson Gate of Shakalaka Bom...

What lies beyond the gates of the celestial chamber?


WOW! What's this! It's the Heavenly Celestial Dim Sum Stall that only appears every thousand years! Will Wu Ri Yao find the Da Bai Jing Bao here?

What has happened to Wu Ri Yao?!

"Omg Omg Omg! i finally found the Da Bai Jing Bao!"

........What has becomed of our aloof and cool hero!?

"ahhhhh smells so good! kyaaa!"

Hey Hey Wu Ri Yao...Hurry up and return to normal...You're ruining your reputation yo..

"HEEEEE you're just jealous that i get to eat the Bai Jing Bao! HE HE HEEE!"

"You want some?"

ahah ha..ha...It's okay...I don't want you to slice me up when you return to your usual self...

"Yawns. Shuddup or I'll slice you."

Oh it looks like she's back to normal. Sigh. Food makes Wu Ri Yao's world go round. I don't know which side of her I prefer though...freaky...


And so here's the tale of a legendary (gluttonous) swordman, who once scattered fear in all of China during her quest for the Celestial treasures (food). Wielding a deadly but trusty sword, we'd best leave Wu Ri Yao to her (after snack) peace.

umm...where's the Zhang Ming Hakao?


P.S: Buckets of THANKS to ANNE DARKEN for the photos..thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Adventures of FIERA!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Once Upon a Time in China - Part 2

If you haven't read part

And so the battle between Wu Ri Yao the lengendary swordsman & Shabadaba the Guardian of the Celestial Chamber begins...

"yawns..stop wasting my time..let's get this started.."

"Why you insolent fool! How dare you mock the Great Shabadaba! Prepare to die!"

"Oy...Great Shabadaba...Where are you aiming at...I'm behind you.."

With lightning fast reflexes, Wu Ri Yao easily dodges Shabadaba's Celestial Beam of Stone, a power said to be undefeatable.

"Che. You're the fool who underestimated me. Now DIE!"

In a blink of an eye, Wu Ri Yao's sword pierces Shabadaba's Shield of Stone.

"Ughhh! How?! How can I, the Great Shabadaba lose to a mere human like you!?!"

"Shuddup and tell me where the Celestial Treasures are."

"...Very Well. For defeating the Guardian of the Celestial Chamber, you have gained access to the Celestial Treasures. Go forth, beyond the Crimson Gate of Shakalaka Bom."


"mm. Is this the one?"

What lies beyond the Crimson Gate of Shakalaka Bom?

Will Wu Ri Yao finally attain the Da Bai Jing Bao and Zhang Ming Hakao?

Stay tuned for the next part of...

...Once Upon a Time in China...

P.S: All photography by ANNE DARKEN!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


look at what i came across da other day...i had no idea such a thing even existed. haha i mean clubs dedicated to aquatic life..sure. but solely to goldfishes? hahaha i went in to check it out anyway..and some of da goldfishes were really good. they have like different species and what not...

this little guy doesnt even look like a goldfish! lol

look at it's humongous eyeballs!

a better view of it's eyeball!!!

i think this one won most graceful goldfish?

big brain goldfish (i forgot da actual name of it!)

humpback goldfish??

this one is sooooo looks like it has blisters all over it's face though

it was da size of an egg..

another humpback looking one...totally doesnt look like a goldfish...

i forgot what this one won...haha nice pattern though

oh this is da same as da cute one just now! but a bigger version..

check out da golden hues of it's scales..looks like real gold!

bloob bloob bloob?

hahaha cute blistery goldfish again!

i like da pattern of it's fins...super jappy and zen..haha like some geisha fish. LOL

this one too!..this would represent an older geisha fish though..hahaha looks more matured. oh they're both fighting fish by da way!

i love fish...i mean to eat fish...hahahaha..when i was younger..i kept several fishes...they always died so quickly...i dont like da way they cant show emotion...cant tell if it's hungry or dying..haha...cant play with them either...hahaha it's like they're kept only for showcasing. somehow..i'd prefer to see fishes swimming in da vast ocean rather than kept in a tiny tank. it kinda spoils da beauty of nature. oh wellsss.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Once Upon a Time in China - Part 1

In the dilapidated outskirts of Xiongmao Shan, a lone warrior whose name was feared in all of China, Wu Ri Yao (repeat da name really fast!) the lengendary swordsman resided. Wielding a deadly sword that can cause veteran soldiers pee in their pants, Wu Ri Yao goes on a arduous journey in search of one of the 8 celestial treasures, Da Bai Jing Bao (Big White Gold Bun).

Wu Ri Yao ponders..Should she search for the Da Bai Jing Bao or the Zhang Ming Hakao?

"Ahhh...I want both.."

"Do you know where they are? Spit it out or I'll slice your goddamn head off!"

"Hmpf. Useless shit. Looks like I have to threaten someone else."

"You! Tell me the location of the Bao and Hakao or ELSE!"

Wu Ri Yao searched high and low..mountains and demons even could not halt her journey. China's countryfolk trembled in fear at the shattering demise she left in her wake.

At long last, the Heavens acknowledged Wu Ri Yao efforts (or took pity on the countryfolk) and summoned Shabadaba Guardian of the Celestial Chamber to challenge (get rid of) Wu Ri Yao.

What awaits Wu Ri Yao?

Will our legendary swordsman defeat Shabadaba?

Stay tuned for the next part of...

..Once Upon a Time in China..

P.S: All Photography By ANNE DARKEN!

Monday, October 13, 2008

GO! Japan Matsuri @ Central

Shio and I are asses. hahaha people go for cosplay event to take pics of cosplayers..and we were camwhoring. LOL. or rather i was camwhoring. there were more pics of shio but she didnt like them! hahaha anyway in da spirit of cosplaying..we were attempting to make our faces super flawless and animeish. but i dont think we did a very good job! i think it looks super fake..haha but dont mind us! hahaha oh yeah all pictures courtesy of ANNE DARKEN again!

da only nice pic of shio and i

shio says i look eurasian here...i think it's da lighting?


luckily i didnt fall..hahaha

my face looks so round here...


me & cubie

Ginpachi Senseeeiiiii!

KateKyo Hitman Reborn! Team

remember these 3 from our first ep? can you tell who they are in da above pic? LOL

Mukuro & Tsuna

Sei's cosplays are awesome!...can you tell how detailed her trident is? haha it really looks like it popped out from da anime!

Code Geass Team

they were also from our first ep! haha but Lelouch is still cosplaying da same chara.

Suzaku & Euphie from Code Geass
(you know da person who carried pikachu and walked past us during our interview -blooper- ? that was Euphie!)

Yuuki from Vampire Knight drinking Chippy's..LOL

and yes she's our MOE haruhi from da first ep!

we didnt take much during this event...(more pics of me actually LOL)..but for da rest of da cosplay pics click HERE! okay that's all for now...ja nya!