Thursday, August 27, 2009


schubert...oh how you escape me....da rhythm of rain brings no kinda in da mood to write something but not rather be playing piano....i love da sound of it even more if there're sounds of piano piercing through da pitter patter melody of da rain....a baby da middle of a playing barefooted...surrounded by animals...singing some random tune....what i'd give.....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

as expected..

once again da big P comes into play...politics politics never does leave me alone does it? no matter how much i refuse to involve never stops shadowing me. i really had enough of it at night safari. not here too. leave me aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeee..dont fucking care......take your money and status and shove it up your fucking asss!!!!!!!!!!! oh look! there's da richest and most powerful fucktard in da world...let's all go squeeze our boobies and flash him our undies! wheeeeeeeee..WOW wouldnt everything be easier..but seriously..get off your high horse. it's girls like these that make me wish i wasnt one. pssht. it's no wonder why there are so many gay men out there. LOL god what a terrible day ive had. binged on so much junk food today. in da midst of training for thrashed like hell..even though they were going easy on me..still got thrashed. i understand why nic always wants to play again whenever they lost..losing sucks! yea duh lol wonder how long it would take for me to become good enough. i wanna be pro enough at potm!!!!! well it hasnt even been 10 games..and 3 of it were vs computer..LOL long long long way to go. ive been bloggin a lot lately..more of ranting though..hahaha what do you do when da cup is always so full that every tiny drop would cause it to overflow? yea..did i mention that money got deducted from my bank account even though my transaction was unsuccessful? i am fucking broke. seriously. i need to go to da fucking bank and hopefully i can get my money back. boohoohoo.

on a side and rather irrelevant i won guitar heroes in da olympics last my dream of course LOLOL silver medal only though. pao claims that it's because he's da one who got gold LOL

Friday, August 14, 2009


oh gosh i just came back from a crazy night at colo..we were celebrating da end of probation for some of da full congratsss..everyone was high and wasted man. especially alvin. haha still can tell me he knows his limits...hahaha oh boy. da crazy shit they did today..fucking hilarious yet...extremely disturbing LOL da guys groping and passionately making out lol though they faked it...still it's a sight i dont really want to remember..hahaha da numerous 'sexy' dances..rofl man. i oughta be sleeping right now cos i have work tomorrow..ahhhh but im pissed with my debit card ugh..da number of failed transactions man..zzz gotta change my card asap. anyway i finally found da jacket i've been hunting for after a long long long long time. found it at revoltage. yayy..saw a similar jacket in japan but it was 700 bucks with some sort of embroidery on da back. saw it in ed hardy too..but it cost 900 bucks..super colourful with with designs on da back's a baseball jacket. heh..da one i got was a plain white one..way wayyyyyyyy cheaper..110 considering customizing it though..prolly a number behind with my initials or something..but i dont know if it would look strange..mmmmmmm..oh yeah when my skin totally heals im gonna touch up my tatts! and im gonna get another one hahaha...i really love this>

this is da original's really ethereal right..i love that it has da moon..fairies water nature sword..hahaha so me.

sadly tatts cant be done like that so i inverted da colours and edited da contrast and all..i doubt da real one would still be as nice as this..but i'll probably ask da artist to work around this...and depending on how it turns out..i may or may not get it after all. initially i wanted to get it done at my nape. but it's a little too big for in between my shoulder blades? hahaha..not gonna get a tramp stamp. lol..i would prefer it if da cresent was facing da other way round too...mmm mmm...lots of ramblings tonight..hahaha okayy i think i should go sleep..ja ne~

Monday, August 10, 2009

holy shit!

holy shit man...byakuran's power freak freaking freaking rocks! wow wow wow WOW! da phalaenopsis paradox is awesome! have to power to share all knowledge and experiences amongst all of his selves across a multitude of parallel worlds...this is like da epic power of all time la. but you know what would be even better? lol..da ability to transfer your consciousness to any and every single one of your selves in da parallel worlds..and not just in da same time line ya know. it's like right now a particular byakuran can only stay in that particular world he is living in...let's call him 25 year old byakuran no. he knows what's going on with 25 year old byakuran no. 2 and 3 and 4 and so on. but he's not experiencing it himself...if no. 1 could at anytime exchange lives with da 2nd or 6th or 99th or even would be great if he wasnt restricted to a homogeneous point in time too..ughhhhhh always wanted some
power that allows me to travel between alternate realities and realms. wheeeee i can be a ninja in one...maybe a rockstar in another...or a thousand year old vampire. LOL. what would happen if you overload you brain with memories of a million yous? or what if you had recollections of every single one of your past selves? hahahaa wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. do da possibilities even exist? people are blessed with powers for a reason i guess..usually for da greater good of mankind. ironically im gonna say that it's probably for da better that im not blessed with powers. though it does suck like hell. lol. ahhh...da endless possibilities of having such an omniscient power..sigh...
boy is life fucking ass boring.

byakuran-sama lol.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

bored boreddd..boreddddd..............

im fucking boredd....bored bored bored...blablablahh..lalala....i guess i have loads of things to do...ahem like my assignment which is due tomorrow..lolol...but i'd rather procrastinate and be bored...hahaha...anyhows....i dont have anything in particular to im just gonna blabber my boredom away....ahaha...i guess im not gonna sleep tonight....again...haven't been sleeping much..especially during da nights...and when day comes and im too freaking tired i just crash in bed...oh da dreams i've been having...lolol...da other night...fatnick got infected and tried to infect all of us yea....zombie infection yea...i think i've been playing too much we had to bring him to hogwarts to find a way to bring him back to normal...hahaha...anyway..when we got to hogwarts all hell broke loose..on top of voldemort reigning free we now have zombies cant remember what happened after that..and today i dreamt of fatnick again!!!! NICKKK STOP INVADING MY MINDDDDD!!!! lol oh least my dreams have been hell loads of think i should stop playing l4d and convert to dota....hahaha ive had enough of zombies's funny how i seem to always be tormented by zombies...edison ko and kyon i blame you guys for making me watch 28days! lolol...da worst was zombie glitz man...there was a zombie apocalypse...and glitz got infected too...all of a sudden she started attacking me and ripping me apart and all i did was cry..i didnt even defend myself..of course i wouldnt wanna harm my baby right...lolol...or so i da dream i stabbed her to death...fucking hell...hahaha goryyyy.....wheeeeeeeee...i think my baby hates me....yesterday night when i left da house she was howling again as usual...but her howls were kinda sounded like she was sobbing....i went in again to comfort her before leaving....i know ive been neglecting her....sorry glitz...just give me some time yea.....fuck just gonna rant....seriously please stop poking your noses into my personal life man....i know most of you guys are concerned...yes but please draw a line....i feel like i been dragged into this joyride and i cant get away from this fucking flow! if you're really concerned freaking stop gossipping and making it a fucking show...i hear da weirdest and oddest shit from da most random of people! and it's like oh wtf..oh is come i da main person involved doesnt know shit! guys really love determining and making assumptions about what's going with me usually doesnt bother me...but it's where i freaking work and i can feel all your stares! not only that...stop freaking involving other people...just stop stop stop! stop spying and reporting man....and stop wondering if something is wrong just because im not smiling....must i hahaha and lalala all da fucking time...wheeee...yes because you only know da hahaha i apologise for being emo alright.....thanks really for da's extremely touching...but this is no guys are too blinded by your concern for only one person and dont see that you're hurting others anyway...da show's over there's no need to spy anymore.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Unwavering agony, begone, flee,

Flee as thou summons thee.
Disillusioned memories, forsaken soul,
Come back to me, redeem me.
Fantasies, desire love,
Break me from this sanity.
Welcomed nightmares, holding dreams,
Free me from reality,
Save me from reality.

Unfulfilled vengence, innocent masks,
Damn the mortal enshrouded in bloodlust.
Praying, hoping, lost in sin,
Drowning in a dream to be.
Prisoned, abyss of darkness,
Release me from thy relentless clutches.
Cursing, hiding, fearing fuck knows what,
Crucify thy shattered heart,
Crucify thy broken heart.

Sweet damnation has comed.
Foolish humanity's been judged.
Hellish wars consumed peace.
For the unforgiven sin of one.
The punishment has begun.

Free me, kill me,
Save me from reality.

edited version...dont know if my usage of old english is correct....just came back from east coast...been a while....kinda nostalgic...had a fun popiah of stuff running through my mind right now....bahh...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


just some crap i spewed out yesterday...a little different from how i usually write but whatever....

Coldy trapping, an endless darkness
Silently passing, time is ceaseless
Brightly shining, blindly waning
My glorious sun is breaking

Desperately seizing, I am mindless
Wretchedly aching, it is hopeless
Tightly holding, clearly losing
Your fickle rays arent reaching

Softly piercing, a familiar loneliness
Gently shrouding, comfort in nothingness
Secretly beckoning, really warming
The numbing cold is dissipating

Ever searching, I am soulless
Ever hurting, I am heartless
Hiding, crying, facades are shattering
Hoping, believing, in nothing I trust in

haha wow this is extremely obvious....まあ~いいか。