Monday, August 10, 2009

holy shit!

holy shit man...byakuran's power freak freaking freaking rocks! wow wow wow WOW! da phalaenopsis paradox is awesome! have to power to share all knowledge and experiences amongst all of his selves across a multitude of parallel worlds...this is like da epic power of all time la. but you know what would be even better? lol..da ability to transfer your consciousness to any and every single one of your selves in da parallel worlds..and not just in da same time line ya know. it's like right now a particular byakuran can only stay in that particular world he is living in...let's call him 25 year old byakuran no. he knows what's going on with 25 year old byakuran no. 2 and 3 and 4 and so on. but he's not experiencing it himself...if no. 1 could at anytime exchange lives with da 2nd or 6th or 99th or even would be great if he wasnt restricted to a homogeneous point in time too..ughhhhhh always wanted some
power that allows me to travel between alternate realities and realms. wheeeee i can be a ninja in one...maybe a rockstar in another...or a thousand year old vampire. LOL. what would happen if you overload you brain with memories of a million yous? or what if you had recollections of every single one of your past selves? hahahaa wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. do da possibilities even exist? people are blessed with powers for a reason i guess..usually for da greater good of mankind. ironically im gonna say that it's probably for da better that im not blessed with powers. though it does suck like hell. lol. ahhh...da endless possibilities of having such an omniscient power..sigh...
boy is life fucking ass boring.

byakuran-sama lol.

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