Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my bestie's a hottie LOLOL

had a real busy week with training..even da weekends were jam packed. went for 987FM 21st birthday party at zouk..lol to support edi. he was in this competition '21 Hot Guys' hahaha so hilarious. it wasnt a serious thing like manhunt or what it was just full of fun and nonsense. so they had to showcase a talent and half of them played da guitar and sang LOL few of them chugged down beers. one of them even played an erhu topless hahaha oh there was a smexy lap dance by smexy international model contestant no. 18 too LOLOL he went a little overboard though..oh there was a dancer too..called cobra. haha! waiting for pics to be uploaded on fb but for now i'll just spam edi's hahaha

lol see his profile on da big screen wahaha

sorry edi i purposely wanna put funny pic hahaha

talking with rozz and sarah..

to his credit he was da only one who sang his own song...called imagination~

haha dont mind his kuku hair LOLOLOL

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

animals are so funny lol

haha glitz is da cutest thing laa. i fed her a slice of apple and she didnt want it so she spat it out and just laid down...then karu came along and wanted to eat da apple so she immediately snatched it and brought it elsewhere. LOL she spat it out in de end though and i had to pick it up zzzz sometimes i really wonder what they are thinking...haha it's been raining like crazy da past few days and they are kinda scared because of the thunder and lightning. and it was especially bad today..usually they would just hide under da bed but they followed me whenever i went just now. and glitz was giving me this incredulous look..like 'you're going out in this weather??' look lolol i think she thinks i have superpowers and that da umbrella is my weapon against gods or something LOLOL she's always been scared of da umbrella...so cute hahaha

i had a really long break cos i was down with fever flu sore throat..lol i swear da weather's been so fucked up lately..it rains...but it's still hot as hell...when it's not raining it's even hotter than hell..da temperature is hotter than my fever laa omg. i couldnt even differentiate if da heat was from da weather or fever. sighh im not totally recovered but i've missed too much training already..i could use another day or two. one good thing though...my body clock's back to normal! haha alright it's way past my bedtime...really need to rest..byebyeee

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

drenched chopper

i got drenched in the rain yesterday with my guitar...luckily it didnt seep through da case....took a bath before i went out...and showered again when i was out zzzzz lol was feeling a little sick already...throat damn sore..and i now have flu and fever from being in da rain yesterday..shucks..i dont know how im gonna sing...yesterday already zhaoxia ahhhhhh! dieeee anyway i just wanted to camwhore with my new chopper shirt wahahaha

damn saddd...i took da time to style my hair a little somemore all goneeee.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

i miss da straw hat crew.....

im suffering from one piece withdrawal..........no manga this week..plus not seeing da straw hat crew for so many months made me go crazy in uniqlo. LOL uniqlo's having a disney and anime season right now...and there are loads of mickey shirts..and what not...marvel and mgm too...so right i saw dragonball and luffy's face on their banner but was wondering where those shirts are cos all i saw was mickey mouse....low and behold anime stuff only came in guy sizes...sigh...nevermind still hoped there was a size s for da luffy shirt....there wasnt...sigh...but guess what i found! 


hahahaha what a steal!!!!!!! super super super cuteee!! ahhhh chopper i miss youuuu....sighhh was squealing to anne when i saw this la! lol got a shirt featuring my all time favourite cartoon toooo...

and it's da tuxedo version hehh im very pleased with my purchases...bought another two pants and a tinkerbell hoodie that says...'the perfect place for pixies to perch'...lolol wheeee

i think im having anime fever...lolol

gintama much? lol

you'd never guess da name of this muffin lol

haha epic! kintoki! lolol sorry private joke for all gintama fans LOL

i wished they tasted better than they looked....they're not really muffins either...it's exactly da same as da chinese steamed coloured cake you can find in pasar malams.....very very bland.....glitz didnt even want to eat it....and everyone knows what a glutton she is.....i dont know..maybe they're supposed to taste like that...health snack or something...

another scoooreeeeee! lol an authentic tanuki statue! i've never seen one in 'person' before...lol..usually see them on tourists brochures or depictions in anime...and i saw this little fella in a really quaint place in serangoon gardens! it's a new nara restaurant...didnt get to try da food there cos it was wayy tooo early..lol it looked rather expensive though..i'll try it next timee! 

that's all for now...ja nya!

Friday, April 9, 2010


ohayooooo! my bioclock seems to be working today heh! i slept around 12 plus last night...woke up to eat caramelized banana cake (from nectarie it's damn good!) and super late dinner at 230 lolol watched anime till 430 and went to sleep again. and i woke up about 10 plus? still feel kinda sleepy but gonna go out to buy some stuff...im super hungry!!!!!!!! lol

haha i've been having funny dreams recently. probably cos of da lack of sleep so da plot ended up being really warped. lolol i was lost in a pyramid...and no matter how i couldnt seem to find my way out...so i took my out my trusty sword..sliced it open and flew away. LOL yea my sword can cut through stone and i can fly lol yesterday's one was even funnier..i was in this alternate realm where there were different species of humans/animals..there were humanoid leopards...and other humanoid animals basically...and there was war going on. it was kinda like a desert jungle...with trees and ruins. i think i was human though. there were other humans around and we got along with da humanoid animals perfectly...but i was siding one of da species. so i was brought to their secret base. sounds so tech savvy but it's actually not. lol. we were being chased by da enemy species and had to quickly escape to da base. and to enter it we had to use a key to open da portal connecting another realm. and da key was a brocolli. it's literally a key. as in slot da brocolli into a key hole LOLOL i have no idea why. their realm was way pretty. lush forests and jungles everywhere. yet there were buildings around too. yeaaa...and i woke up to eat caramelized banana cake so there's no continuation. lolol

hahaha da next dream was even more nonsensical. da setting was a beautiful gothic mansion...it was a haunted house but it was creepily ethereal...with overgrown gardens and vines..cracked fountains and unused wells....you could almost imagine it's former grandeur. sounds awesome so far right lolol it was actually infested with zombies.....when i entered da mansion...it was as if no one was there..they were all in hiding. but they knew i was there. one by one they started to appear...da birds cats and all were zombies too...they dragged their feet moaned and groaned and started to chase after me...albeit really slowly. and they were groaning...'dont run awayyyyyyyyy doooonnnnttt runnn awayyyyyyy...we wanna playyyyyyy...' of course i ran like a mad woman LOL they eventually cornered me and i was scared shitless. but when they reached me they didnt do anything. they just looked and stared at each other. and once again they groaned..'whyyyy didddd youu runn awayyyyyyyy...????' i was so shocked at da stupid question and i just shouted back of course who wouldnt run away with a bunch of zombies chasing them! and then they looked really sad...so i kinda realized that they really werent gonna harm me...they were all just really lonely. after all they lived forever and hardly had any visitors...lolol so i decided to literally straighten their backs and hold zombie reformatory classes. LOL. military style somemore. haha! i can still remember what i said...'if you want to have friends first of all you have to stop looking so scary! straighten your backs! stop hunching and dragging your feet! stop groaning and moaning too! speak properly and for goodness sake put on some make up!' LOLOLOL in de end...my best student became barbie LOL it was then that i realized that i preferred them as zombies...not something so superficial...it wasnt that they looked so horrid too...they were just deathly pale...and it was da typical stereotype of zombies that made people scared of them...lol de end. hahaha i woke up after that. even in my dumb dream there are lessons to be learned hahaha okayyy i wanna go eat already! ja nee~

Thursday, April 8, 2010

blood please?

got scolded big time yesterday. sighh but this totally made my day. or night rather. lol.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

skipping rope

shucks..it's been a while since i last skipped training. it's now at a point where i dont wanna miss training at all. lol i suppose i've gotten used to it? less training..means less practice...less practice means slower improvement...i dont wanna lose da momentum too. anyhows..i had to bring anne to da hospital for her teeth and what not...so asked boss if i could skip today. im tired..dead tired..been tired for a while..i really need to fix my body clock. im totally nocturnal now. lol i try to sleep at normal times but i end up taking short naps only. plus i've been going out at 8am...for anne's dental appts...so home..another short nap and off to training...so i'd say a max of 4-6 hours of sleep. yawns...karu peed on my guitar case so i dont know how im gonna bring my guitar tomorrow. how how how. i wanna find time to buy my macbook too. okay..nothing much to say...byebyeeeeeee