Friday, April 9, 2010


ohayooooo! my bioclock seems to be working today heh! i slept around 12 plus last night...woke up to eat caramelized banana cake (from nectarie it's damn good!) and super late dinner at 230 lolol watched anime till 430 and went to sleep again. and i woke up about 10 plus? still feel kinda sleepy but gonna go out to buy some super hungry!!!!!!!! lol

haha i've been having funny dreams recently. probably cos of da lack of sleep so da plot ended up being really warped. lolol i was lost in a pyramid...and no matter how i couldnt seem to find my way i took my out my trusty sword..sliced it open and flew away. LOL yea my sword can cut through stone and i can fly lol yesterday's one was even funnier..i was in this alternate realm where there were different species of humans/animals..there were humanoid leopards...and other humanoid animals basically...and there was war going on. it was kinda like a desert jungle...with trees and ruins. i think i was human though. there were other humans around and we got along with da humanoid animals perfectly...but i was siding one of da species. so i was brought to their secret base. sounds so tech savvy but it's actually not. lol. we were being chased by da enemy species and had to quickly escape to da base. and to enter it we had to use a key to open da portal connecting another realm. and da key was a brocolli. it's literally a key. as in slot da brocolli into a key hole LOLOL i have no idea why. their realm was way pretty. lush forests and jungles everywhere. yet there were buildings around too. yeaaa...and i woke up to eat caramelized banana cake so there's no continuation. lolol

hahaha da next dream was even more nonsensical. da setting was a beautiful gothic was a haunted house but it was creepily ethereal...with overgrown gardens and vines..cracked fountains and unused could almost imagine it's former grandeur. sounds awesome so far right lolol it was actually infested with zombies.....when i entered da was as if no one was there..they were all in hiding. but they knew i was there. one by one they started to appear...da birds cats and all were zombies too...they dragged their feet moaned and groaned and started to chase after me...albeit really slowly. and they were groaning...'dont run awayyyyyyyyy doooonnnnttt runnn awayyyyyyy...we wanna playyyyyyy...' of course i ran like a mad woman LOL they eventually cornered me and i was scared shitless. but when they reached me they didnt do anything. they just looked and stared at each other. and once again they groaned..'whyyyy didddd youu runn awayyyyyyyy...????' i was so shocked at da stupid question and i just shouted back of course who wouldnt run away with a bunch of zombies chasing them! and then they looked really i kinda realized that they really werent gonna harm me...they were all just really lonely. after all they lived forever and hardly had any visitors...lolol so i decided to literally straighten their backs and hold zombie reformatory classes. LOL. military style somemore. haha! i can still remember what i said...'if you want to have friends first of all you have to stop looking so scary! straighten your backs! stop hunching and dragging your feet! stop groaning and moaning too! speak properly and for goodness sake put on some make up!' LOLOLOL in de best student became barbie LOL it was then that i realized that i preferred them as zombies...not something so wasnt that they looked so horrid too...they were just deathly pale...and it was da typical stereotype of zombies that made people scared of de end. hahaha i woke up after that. even in my dumb dream there are lessons to be learned hahaha okayyy i wanna go eat already! ja nee~

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Johnnie said...

I love your dreams! Lolz! I'm gonna watch How to Train Your Dragon at the Imax tml!! Then I'll go back to my dreamland to train my dragons!!! Lolz Well, they're actually all trained already I think... Lolz... Omg... I'm talking about dream things...

And how is waking up at 2:30am to eat to 4:30am considered as your bioclock working???? Lolz...

Anyway, miss u girl... Lolz