Tuesday, April 20, 2010

animals are so funny lol

haha glitz is da cutest thing laa. i fed her a slice of apple and she didnt want it so she spat it out and just laid down...then karu came along and wanted to eat da apple so she immediately snatched it and brought it elsewhere. LOL she spat it out in de end though and i had to pick it up zzzz sometimes i really wonder what they are thinking...haha it's been raining like crazy da past few days and they are kinda scared because of the thunder and lightning. and it was especially bad today..usually they would just hide under da bed but they followed me whenever i went just now. and glitz was giving me this incredulous look..like 'you're going out in this weather??' look lolol i think she thinks i have superpowers and that da umbrella is my weapon against gods or something LOLOL she's always been scared of da umbrella...so cute hahaha

i had a really long break cos i was down with fever flu sore throat..lol i swear da weather's been so fucked up lately..it rains...but it's still hot as hell...when it's not raining it's even hotter than hell..da temperature is hotter than my fever laa omg. i couldnt even differentiate if da heat was from da weather or fever. sighh im not totally recovered but i've missed too much training already..i could use another day or two. one good thing though...my body clock's back to normal! haha alright it's way past my bedtime...really need to rest..byebyeee

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