Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my bestie's a hottie LOLOL

had a real busy week with training..even da weekends were jam packed. went for 987FM 21st birthday party at zouk..lol to support edi. he was in this competition '21 Hot Guys' hahaha so hilarious. it wasnt a serious thing like manhunt or what it was just full of fun and nonsense. so they had to showcase a talent and half of them played da guitar and sang LOL few of them chugged down beers. one of them even played an erhu topless hahaha oh there was a smexy lap dance by smexy international model contestant no. 18 too LOLOL he went a little overboard though..oh there was a dancer too..called cobra. haha! waiting for pics to be uploaded on fb but for now i'll just spam edi's hahaha

lol see his profile on da big screen wahaha

sorry edi i purposely wanna put funny pic hahaha

talking with rozz and sarah..

to his credit he was da only one who sang his own song...called imagination~

haha dont mind his kuku hair LOLOLOL

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