Tuesday, April 6, 2010

skipping rope

shucks..it's been a while since i last skipped training. it's now at a point where i dont wanna miss training at all. lol i suppose i've gotten used to it? less training..means less practice...less practice means slower improvement...i dont wanna lose da momentum too. anyhows..i had to bring anne to da hospital for her teeth and what not...so asked boss if i could skip today. im tired..dead tired..been tired for a while..i really need to fix my body clock. im totally nocturnal now. lol i try to sleep at normal times but i end up taking short naps only. plus i've been going out at 8am...for anne's dental appts...so home..another short nap and off to training...so i'd say a max of 4-6 hours of sleep. yawns...karu peed on my guitar case so i dont know how im gonna bring my guitar tomorrow. how how how. i wanna find time to buy my macbook too. okay..nothing much to say...byebyeeeeeee

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