Thursday, July 29, 2010


if you have yet to watch it..go watch it now! best movie yet! and it's not a filler! it was supposed to be a proper arc but eiichiro oda was afraid that fans might be confused with da numerous on-goings already occurring at impel down. remember how admiral sengoku keeps talking about how they must not let such a thing happen again? they are referring to da shiki's unprecedented escape from impel down 20 years ago. he's a pirate from gol d roger's and whitebeard's era. an extremely strong one. anyways! its a must watch! da flying islands of merveille are absolutely stunning! i wanna live in merveille!!!

One Piece 10th Anniversary おめでとう!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

hair on my waffles

is it me or are girls hair suddenly becoming real nice and glossy? did some modeling gig at paddles place and had a really good chance to observe thousands of people..or rather of da dogs of society. lol i think everyone's like using essential now. all da bloggers are advertising it. and i cant deny that essential freaking rocks too. lol my hair length is once again at my ass and with da sudden rise of people with nice and glossy hair i think i should start taking care of my hair too. i dont even condition or comb my hair hahaha it's just freaking straight and annoying. just prefer it to be messed up. but glossy hair seems really nice so maybe i'll start combing it. hahahaha even when i dont comb it it becomes freaking straight like an hour after i leave home lor. hair spray and all dont work also. sooooooooooooooooooo darn annoying. so since it's not working i shall just opt for glossy hair la. at least i can swing my hair around hahahaha. my mom bought new shampoo! herbal essence smells soooo good not bad also. i support da essential hype but i really am too lazy to do anything more than shampoo. lolol taking care of my horrid skin is too much of a chore already. okay im up really early and i feel like having waffles. lolol it's MORNINGGGGG

gooooooood fucken morning rotten worldddddd~

as usual modeling sucks. it's surprisingly tiring even though most of da time we just stand there and look pretty. i think it's da costumes and da massive amounts of stares and makeup. at least da costume was fun and ridiculous rather than sexy and sleazy this time. i rather look dumb. hahahahaha oh fatimah's up. my new sister. lololol okay didnt bother taking pictures. i'll see if fb has any and kope lolol byeee WAFFLESSS RAWRRR

Saturday, July 17, 2010


feeling empty all of a sudden...i hate feeling like this. i'd rather feel heartbroken or least it shows that i still give a damn. it's times like this when i really question my existence. ahh..i really dont wanna be here. dont wanna be da me that exists here.分かる?分かるはずないだろう。ああー、誰かアタシを殺してくれ?多分これはアタシの人生で最もエキサイティングな現象になる。ハハハハハハTADUM!いつも笑ってるの癖に、簡単に興奮してのに。。最低だ!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

200th pzzt

oh look it's my 200th post but i've got nothing special to blog or to rant about. in a very weird..jaded..lethargic mood right now. just want to disappear...on a no carb regime again. everytime i lose i gain back after a while. haha sucks..i should really really not give in to temptation and just drink soup everyday. haha oh yea..must be lethargic cos haven't been eating much. oh wells this time i've gotta lose and stick to it..might be doing modelling again..soon. maybe. it's been such a long while...i think i look different now. maybe? maybe not? haha im not sure..ahh 2D...i wanna be 2D. hahaha i wonder how i'd look like if i was 2D..hmm..i think i'll try photoshopping..haha im bad at photoshop. i only know how to edit brightness and contrast...anne does it..most of da time.

okay im officially bored outta my mind. i just spent more than an hour trying to animate myself haha!

hahah i bloated my eyes super lots and erased my nose lolol i erased my lips too cept da lines.

colour looks very fakee..but i dont know how to edit already.

hahaha original pic so horrible..needed a front shot though...ugh i should be 2D..i think i look nicer. lololol

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

singing mites

lol no mites cant sing..karu has ear mites! ahhh..da past few days were horrid. i felt so evil. he had to be separated from glitz so i couldnt let him in da room. he would sit outside..waiting...everytime i went to da toilet..he would run towards da door..wanting to go in. in da middle of da night i went to check on him and he was sleeping downstairs all alone!! wahh so poor thing. in de end there was a i just let him in..he hid under da bed with i got glitz to sleep on my bed instead. but he was scared and wanted to be with us so he jumped onto da bed!! cuteeeeee. i just let him lor. what to do. but damn paranoid..kept rolling my bed with da lint roller. hahaha i went to clean my ears in da middle of da night too lolol

all is well now though! anne finally bathed him and applied medication. he just had a vaccination so we werent able to bathe him till today. bathed glitz too..changed da sheets. rolled somemore. lolol yay i can finally hug him and play with him...and not bother washing my hands~ wheeeeeeeeeeee~ lolol da mites look like specks of dust lor. noone could have known. so animal owners. da specks of dust on your pet you see? it's not dust. THEY ARE MITES. but only fluffy animals like cats, bunnies, hamsters are prone to mites. maybe pomeranians, shetlands too. those with fluffy fur. hahahaha.

anyway i wanted to gush at a new korean soloist yoari. she was supposed to be part of brown eyed girls. im glad she debuted alone though. her vocals are awesome..she has sucha a sweet voice...but it's powerful. simply amazing. it's like not possible. usually those with powerful voices are more husky..hers is really crisp. her live? WAO. hits her notes so effortlessly. did i mention she just debuted?

ippai ippai!

wao i've got a lot of things to blog about! hahaha should i combine it all in a post? mmm i'll just go along lol firstly jon is backkk! and we went for cosfest! bwahahaha rare treat for my eyes..haven't been going for any events at all. ko jeff and i headed to scape mall for da cosmo parade on sat but is was soooooooooo disappointing! they hyped it up a lot..sponsored by animax and this that. claimed to have 1000 mascots or something..when we got there..less than 10 cosplayers. mascots less than 20...was just some huge ass publicity event. promoting what? YOG? sakae sushi? what crap! those were one of da mascots lor. and da other 998 mascots? staff or volunteers wearing mario about 10 predators? what what WHATTT! was bitching like hell..should have just gone for cosfest day 1 instead! ughh but wanted to see project mynt's debut...we missed it while playing arcade in de end. hahaha shucks lousy saturday! 

sunday was aweeesomeeee tho'! this is what i call a cosplay event man! so happy soo many one piece cosplayers haha lots of game and vocaloid cosplayers too. finally people are cosplaying one piece! one piece rocks socks! haha! on to da picturess~~~

one piece arabasta version! miss valentine, nico robin, nami, luffy, vivi! moeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~


final fantasy xiii...lightning~ love her sword~~

mini pein...angmoh somemore..lolol

one piece strong world verr.!

plus hentai franky!!

chopper and franky! lols!


suikage versus hokage...lolol..hokage's actually taking a picture haha!

time to camwhoreeeeee

chopper hiding behind jon lolol

jon's superhero pose!

lol ugly face

moee moee no jikan~! courtesy of ko haha no idea what they're cos-ing tho. this one's a meido~

okayyy!! im only gonna post somee da rest of da pics are here>>>

mm long post..i shall continue my rantings on another onee!