Tuesday, July 6, 2010

singing mites

lol no mites cant sing..karu has ear mites! ahhh..da past few days were horrid. i felt so evil. he had to be separated from glitz so i couldnt let him in da room. he would sit outside..waiting...everytime i went to da toilet..he would run towards da door..wanting to go in. in da middle of da night i went to check on him and he was sleeping downstairs all alone!! wahh so poor thing. in de end there was a thunderstorm..so i just let him in..he hid under da bed with glitz..so i got glitz to sleep on my bed instead. but he was scared and wanted to be with us so he jumped onto da bed!! ahhh..so cuteeeeee. i just let him lor. what to do. but damn paranoid..kept rolling my bed with da lint roller. hahaha i went to clean my ears in da middle of da night too lolol

all is well now though! anne finally bathed him and applied medication. he just had a vaccination so we werent able to bathe him till today. bathed glitz too..changed da sheets. rolled somemore. lolol yay i can finally hug him and play with him...and not bother washing my hands~ wheeeeeeeeeeee~ lolol da mites look like specks of dust lor. noone could have known. so animal owners. da specks of dust on your pet you see? it's not dust. THEY ARE MITES. but only fluffy animals like cats, bunnies, hamsters are prone to mites. maybe pomeranians, shetlands too. those with fluffy fur. hahahaha.

anyway i wanted to gush at a new korean soloist yoari. she was supposed to be part of brown eyed girls. im glad she debuted alone though. her vocals are awesome..she has sucha a sweet voice...but it's powerful. simply amazing. it's like not possible. usually those with powerful voices are more husky..hers is really crisp. her live? WAO. hits her notes so effortlessly. did i mention she just debuted?

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