Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ippai ippai!

wao i've got a lot of things to blog about! hahaha should i combine it all in a post? mmm i'll just go along lol firstly jon is backkk! and we went for cosfest! bwahahaha rare treat for my eyes..haven't been going for any events at all. ko jeff and i headed to scape mall for da cosmo parade on sat but is was soooooooooo disappointing! they hyped it up a lot..sponsored by animax and this that. claimed to have 1000 mascots or something..when we got there..less than 10 cosplayers. mascots less than 20...was just some huge ass publicity event. promoting what? YOG? sakae sushi? what crap! those were one of da mascots lor. and da other 998 mascots? staff or volunteers wearing mario hats..plus about 10 predators? what what WHATTT! was bitching like hell..should have just gone for cosfest day 1 instead! ughh but wanted to see project mynt's debut...we missed it while playing arcade in de end. hahaha shucks lousy saturday! 

sunday was aweeesomeeee tho'! this is what i call a cosplay event man! so happy soo many one piece cosplayers haha lots of game and vocaloid cosplayers too. finally people are cosplaying one piece! one piece rocks socks! haha! on to da picturess~~~

one piece arabasta version! miss valentine, nico robin, nami, luffy, vivi! moeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~


final fantasy xiii...lightning~ love her sword~~

mini pein...angmoh somemore..lolol

one piece strong world verr.!

plus hentai franky!!

chopper and franky! lols!


suikage versus hokage...lolol..hokage's actually taking a picture haha!

time to camwhoreeeeee

chopper hiding behind jon lolol

jon's superhero pose!

lol ugly face

moee moee no jikan~! courtesy of ko haha no idea what they're cos-ing tho. this one's a meido~

okayyy!! im only gonna post somee da rest of da pics are here>>>

mm long post..i shall continue my rantings on another onee!

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Anonymous said...

The kid wearing the Akatsuki costume and acting as the character PAIN is awesome.

Hey in tht Suikage vs Hokage pic...I think I've seen tht hokage. Isn't she a western lady with very big...ehum...uhhh...chest? I wonder if it's her.

Nice pics overall.