Tuesday, September 21, 2010

chewy moon river

herooo~ i just did another cover! im really really tired..had a long day and this song never fails to relax me. anyway i hope you guys would like it!

i took glitz for a walk just now with chewy! chewy's my neighbours dog by da way...haha this is da first time glitz has reacted like that to any other dog..she wasnt hostile at all..she let chewy follow her around. lol i guess it's because they both have da same charas. lolol i hope i can take pictures of them together before she leaves tho'..she gonna be adopted by another owner T.T just when she made a friend...alright..i think im gonna sleep...so tireddd...oyasumi~~

Monday, September 20, 2010


lolol anne is such an idiot. i placed one of karu's favourite chairs in my room and he was lying on it when she came in..so happened i was changin...lol

Anne: "Wahhhhh...Ruru...you so comfortable ah....got your favourite chair.....enjoying free show somemore..."

lols! idiot! karu HENTAI!!

anyway ko and i went to waseda shibuya high school today...for da seiransai..lol ko didnt take much pics tho..i'll post them when he uploads them...can you believe that most of da attractions were free??? except da food i guess...even so...one plate of yakisoba or okonomiyaki for only two bucks. it was rather nice too. cooked by da students in da home econs room. hahaha

got to experience da tea ceremony...da choco mochi was really good..plus macha tea..all for free!

okay....im really dead beat..so i'll talk about this and post more pics another day. 
ja nyan~ for now

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wanted: Dead or Alive!


hee hee fatimah bought one piece wanted posters for me! hee hee lolol and they are all A2 size...plus made of table mat kinda material~~~ Whhheeeeeeee~~~

my wall's sooo niceeee >m<

Saturday, September 18, 2010

chuu~ (>c<)

it's 635am and i've yet to sleep! lols i've been trying to reupload my EOY videos on youtube. they were originally on Veoh..but veoh has that dumb 5 min preview thing. anyways i dyed my hair! it's a mix of dark copper blonde plus a little pinkish hues. sadly sadly sadly...it mostly looks dark brown or light brown. ahhhhh da pink tones are barely noticeable!

can you tell?

i look less pale with this colouring...no more pontianak LOL you know da ponti from haunted changi? my friend. lolol ponti with bangs HAHAHA

i did another cover..it was rather poorly done..i have several better ones but i couldnt resist uploading this one. hahaha glitz and karu were playing catch in da vid..so darn cute!

Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me

lol so cute right?

and damn! in da vid my hair looks dark brown..sobs

Thursday, September 16, 2010


HAHA this is sooo funny! for da first time in my life i tried playing OTOME games lol if you dont know what otome games are they are dating games for girls~ lololol

and lo and behold...da Da DA DUMMMM~

i ended up with no one.

wahahahaha is there even such a result? まじで面白い〜

hahahaha it's like da game is reflecting da state of my actual love life..it actually ended with thank you for playing...LOLSSS

hahahaha that was a total waste of my timeee. oh wells at least da graphics were good. and it only took me 1hr to fail da game. LOL

Monday, September 13, 2010


just thought i should embed da vids here~

Coldplay - Yellow

Metric - All Yours (Eclipse)

Panis Angelicus

lastly...Forest Lullaby..blooper lol

hahaha feedback pleaseee? 

p.s i created a formspring acc. lolol 

hey wassup yo!

waaaao i haven't blogged in more than a month lol what have i been doing? mmm been doing loads of stuff but it feels like i've only been rolling around in mud doing nothing. maybe if i can actually see improvement i wouldnt be feeling like this. just very tired. i spent four months trying to sweeten my voice increase my range and strengthen my falsetto..wasting da time before that when i was trying to roughen my voice to make it more suitable for rock. all my effort training my reenforced falsetto down da drain. and guess what? now im back again trying to train my reenforced only to feel like i've taken a hundred steps back. just cant seem to find a balance. i wanna be able to retain da sweetness in my falsetto and yet be able to hit those super super high notes with my reenforced. ughhh i found some a singer who can do this. her falsetto is so damn sweet..and she can just suddenly change her voice and growl and rock it out. amazing...ahh just listen to this and you'd get what im trying to say...lol

anyway..i finally got my macbook so i've been recording stuff. lol still rather unsatisfied with a lot of da vids so i haven't posted much on youtube. but i posted a few covers already..lol. metric's im all yours...and coldplay's yellow..and panis angelicus. lolol so please check it out and gimme feedback kay? thanksss lol

i got a new part time job..a rather um..funny? interesting one? lolol still in training but i'll talk about this another time. lols. all im gonna say is my uniform is super cute. hahahaha