Monday, September 13, 2010

hey wassup yo!

waaaao i haven't blogged in more than a month lol what have i been doing? mmm been doing loads of stuff but it feels like i've only been rolling around in mud doing nothing. maybe if i can actually see improvement i wouldnt be feeling like this. just very tired. i spent four months trying to sweeten my voice increase my range and strengthen my falsetto..wasting da time before that when i was trying to roughen my voice to make it more suitable for rock. all my effort training my reenforced falsetto down da drain. and guess what? now im back again trying to train my reenforced only to feel like i've taken a hundred steps back. just cant seem to find a balance. i wanna be able to retain da sweetness in my falsetto and yet be able to hit those super super high notes with my reenforced. ughhh i found some a singer who can do this. her falsetto is so damn sweet..and she can just suddenly change her voice and growl and rock it out. amazing...ahh just listen to this and you'd get what im trying to

anyway..i finally got my macbook so i've been recording stuff. lol still rather unsatisfied with a lot of da vids so i haven't posted much on youtube. but i posted a few covers metric's im all yours...and coldplay's yellow..and panis angelicus. lolol so please check it out and gimme feedback kay? thanksss lol

i got a new part time job..a rather um..funny? interesting one? lolol still in training but i'll talk about this another time. lols. all im gonna say is my uniform is super cute. hahahaha

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