Monday, September 20, 2010


lolol anne is such an idiot. i placed one of karu's favourite chairs in my room and he was lying on it when she came happened i was

Anne: " so comfortable your favourite chair.....enjoying free show somemore..."

lols! idiot! karu HENTAI!!

anyway ko and i went to waseda shibuya high school today...for da ko didnt take much pics tho..i'll post them when he uploads them...can you believe that most of da attractions were free??? except da food i guess...even plate of yakisoba or okonomiyaki for only two bucks. it was rather nice too. cooked by da students in da home econs room. hahaha

got to experience da tea ceremony...da choco mochi was really macha tea..all for free! really dead i'll talk about this and post more pics another day. 
ja nyan~ for now

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