Sunday, December 28, 2008

more vids and feru's rubbish..

hieee more's walter's and da code geass team's uncut interviews...i think im not gonna use sony vegas anymore...i'd probably try adobe premier..depending on what media fxs..da quality of da vid is really not very good..rendering takes damn long too...oh wellsss...

hahaha...i like this pic...can you tell that my middle finger was mosaic-ed? lol..taken by ANNE DARKEN during da same know we never intended for da shots to look so vampire-ish..dont know why ended up like that...hahahaha...speaking of which...

i dont understand da sudden hype with twilight man...firstly..i think they made vampires look lame...when he was showing his 'true' self in da sun..i thought he was gonna transform into some monstrous beast or something...but wth..he's shiny? big deal...sucha cheesy romance flick man..not enough action..not hot enough....CANNOT BEAT UNDERWORLDDDD...or Van Hellsing...i didnt even find it romantic...i felt that da leads were awkward...not enough chemistry...full of awkward conversations...people only like it because edward was you know that he was CEDRIC DIGGORY from harry potter??? hahaha..bahhhss...

Friday, December 26, 2008


guess how i spent christmas? lol...

i ate steamboat..again..

i waited for da vids to render..and upload...zzz

while friends and i multiplayed on fantasy crystal chronicles...LOL..till 6am...

oh look da vids are NOT i went to sleep...

woke up around 4...vids still not done....

played ds...tried to faster level up before i play with my friends again...hahahaha

to no avail..cos they all also played to level up...wahahah...

they came over around ds of course...hahahah...and we completed da game! hahaha

in summary...i spent christmas this year..waiting for vids..and playing ds...hahaha!

i think glitz is boreddd....

フェルフェルのCosplay Interview!

FINALLY!! lappie needs to rest's been on for 3 days straight! rendering da stupid vid..uploading on youtube..and still so many screw ups and glitches...but now..THANK YOU VEOH..i only took 2 hrs to upload a 430mb on veoh! youtube doesnt even have a status bar! so you just wait and wait and freaking ass wait...and dont even know when it's gonna finish!

i didnt include everyone in da vid cos i thought i was just gonna upload a 10 min vid on youtube...da uncuts will be out soon!

there are still some minor glitches..and da quality still isnt that good..but overall it's okay!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas!

I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD...'s da night of a full moon and vampires have come out to play.....

Vampire FIERA

ughhh too weak.....need to feed.....

i need blood....blood...BLOOD..! there you prey.... powers have been restored....i must leave this dreadful place...dawn is breaking...


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hiee! i haven't slept yet and im going still waiting for da cosplay interview to and shio stayed up all night doing it...seriously..da rendering sucks like always has some minor or sometimes even major glitches..which are not even our fault! we freaking checked that everything is perfect..and then when it finishes rendering after 2 freaking hours..there are glitches!!!! why why why!?!?!?!? this is my 3rd time rendering da video....pleaseeeeeeee let it be okay!!!

a few of my friends are coming over later...and i have yet to prepare da food or what....ahhhhhh...
dieeee....hahaha...anyway i went for a shoot da other day....Photography courtesy of VINCENT ENG....hahahaha i think it was freaking ass cool da way da photos turned out! i just popped out from da twilight movie..LOL i look like snow white...ahaha i wish my skin was this white...but abit freaky..hahaha..

yeahhh and here's a glow picture....hahaha i only found one with me in it...LOL..and edi's at da right hand corner...look at da guy in da middle..his name is jovan...his expression is epic man hahaha you know da guys were being damn idiotic..hahaha cos it was a 'glow' event right..da place was really dark..and glow sticks one of them started to put da glow sticks in his front of his CROTCH....FORMING AN! hahahaha they even colour coded it so they would know who was who....zzz!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vongola Festival!!!!



this game is uber fun. i completed it a few days's a brainless type of game..and it's so cute and funny!

Tsuna VS Black Spell Tazaru

Challenge: Skipping (LOL)

Tsuna VS Byakuran

Challenge: Eating

Training dayo!

Challenge: Open da doors and avoid lasers. Lasers would cause Gola Mosca to be activated.

hahaha i purposely made gokudera win...really! LOL

Hyper Tsuna Vs Byakuran

Challenge: Battle!

Versus da Boar person..UM..i forget his name LOL

Challenge: Avoid his lightning beam..Ryouhei Tsuna and Gokudera..

My poor hayato! lolol..

there're like many more mini challenges...kokuyo games..bianchi's and fuuta's casino...LOL..bahhhhh


yesterday shio edi and i went for da cliquers christmas party at ritz carlton..they booked a suite and da theme was glow..there were many glow sticks..and a fake 'club' in da bedroom. LOL.

we saw many shooting stars..i forgot who was da first to spot them..said person then asked everyone to come see...

"oh my god! meteor! so many!"

"how come it keeps going back and forth...?"



"it's da reflection of da cars on da window."




i also learnt that italians spoke french and ate prata. LOLOLOL

we were playing this card game called taboo where you supposed describe da word on your card and your team members are supposed to guess..

XXX (shall not disclose name LOL) turn:

"okay people in italy speak what?

Opposition Team:


card said french. LOLOL

??? (shall not disclose name again LOL) turn:

"italians eat this.."

Opposition Team:



"Oh NO NO NO!"

"look like bread one!"

card said prata.

hahahaha apparently ??? saw it as pasta..LOLOL

pictures would be up laterrrrr!

Dear Shio..

Dear Shio...


you're crazy if you think i can afford to buy you Nikon D90!


I offered to pay first 2 installments you didnt want!


tsk tsk tsk

I shall post 1! haha!

im so gonna get killed..LOL

Friday, December 19, 2008


hiee! it's been a pretty damn ass long time since i updated..and i have loads to say! haha shio's birthday just passed..we both went for da JTC glow christmas party was totally hilarious. LOL but first up is EOY!!!!

December 13

eoy was like one week ago and we're still editing da eoy video..but we're halfway done! video editing is seriously such a minute can like

take a day to edit?? though when you see da end result is worth it..i wanna learn how to put more effects in our vids though..imovie and sony vegas only have limited media fxs..

anyway eoy was not as great as i expected..cosplayers were awesome as usual..but da place was too crammed..filled with too many people..just like AFA. footages had so much noise in da background. and people kept getting chased away by da organisers and da coffee bean staff. da cosplayers weren't really receptive to being interviewed too. it was a great visual treat though. saw many many complicated cosplays...saw some funny ones too! hahaha this time we hung out with chibi itachi and deidara>who was female L this time. LOL..

on to da pictures!

camwhoring on da mrt!

Ciel Phantomhive

Kiriyuu Zero (Seijiro-) & Cross Yuuki

i loved this..Naruto possessed by Kyuubi version. LOL

Jasdero & Devito. awesome skin!

Kon, Nel & cute! i couldnt tell what Kon was at first..LOL

Noitra vs Nel

Walter from Hellsing

Naruto team..freaking ass huge! they had every main character!

i dont know what game this is..haha

Moko & Kyoko

Luigi & Mario!!!!!

Pein, Hollow Ichigo & Chibi Itachi!

Amy from Soul Calibur

Syaoran & Sakura, Sealed Card ver.

hi Ilya!

Ichihara Yuuko

Bismarck Knight of One

haha this was so cute. i think it's an ame ningyo?

Kamen Rider Kiva!!!

Code Geass Team


And lastly! Female L!

Next up! ehhhh Shio's birthday????

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Memory of a Dear Friend

Dedicated to the Granddad I never had..

A Song for the Lost

Words caressed me like a winter's breeze
The deafening silence coldly pierces me
Of every sweet breath I longed to hear
Never was it of your sudden departure

Unsaid farewells you left behind
Promised meetings we never did try
That last phone call would never suffice
Now all's too late to say our goodbyes

I pray I pray you can hear me say
Your smiles your laughter I would surely miss
For only you my unfeeling heart secretly weeps
You were stronger than this
You were never meant to leave
God's a thief who stole you from me
Why why before I could say sorry
Why couldn't I have said goodbye

As days go by and grievance dies
Don't cry don't cry I've not forgotten
This lonely december I'd always remember
Goodbye goodbye my dear friend and father

Love always,

dear uncle eng kiat..thanks for teaching me all there is to japanese station...thanks for all da fun and laughter we had at night safari...thanks for these past three years...thanks for buying me that hello kitty bag i never did appreciate...thanks for making me your goddaughter...thanks for talking crap with me and making fun of me...thanks for always insisting in having me stationed at jap station with you...thanks for everything...

sorry i couldnt do anything when you got fired...sorry that your last memory in night safari was so fucked up...sorry i only called you once in while...sorry i didnt have lunch with you....sorry i couldnt have lunch with you...sorry i didnt know how hard you had it going...sorry i didnt say goodbye....

i swear i'll come back stronger than ever...i swear i'll become someone you'll be proud of....i swear i would definitely achieve my dreams....when i do...let's have lunch together...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gamer Girl FIERA


i'm in this month's issue of Playworks...

Check it Out!

熊 熊 熊本!


da past 3 days have been a blast! apparently da japs werent from tokyo but kumamoto..they couldnt speak much english..but that made it even funnier..LOL..shio and them were communicating like chickens and ducks! haha they spoke to her in jap with lots of hand actions and she went (o_O)"" hahahaha

check out da monk club! hahaha i was wondering why da hell do they all have no hair..and guess what! it's like da 武士道 of da baseball club! it's a rule that they have no hair..LOLOL their baseball team is like damn pro..region champions i think..and their school..sounds damn fun. they have normal class and sports class. da girls are in normal class..and da guys sports class. mon and tues they have normal lessons..and wed to fri they have baseball lessons! hahaha and sat and sun..FULL DAY baseball prac! that's extremely extreme man!

raffles city christmas tree! after that we went to da arcade..haha and as usually i wasted money trying to catch some toy..UGH one of da guys managed to catch one though. haha

left to right: Kyouhei, Seigi, Ryouta, Kentarou, Kai, ME, Ayumi, Reika, Siti

lunch next day was at prata house at yio chu kang..i swear da three on da left look alike..hahaha

da guys on da bus..they look like they were gonna die! haha..but they we all had a long day before..sentosa in da and then arcading..we only reached home around 11 plus. furthermore, two of da guys..seigi and kentarou were being hosted near lakeside mrt..that's like super far away la. and da host cant speak english..and da english speaking son was i had to teach them how to get there..had to change train and everything..even had to take bus from lakeside..thank goodness they made it back safely.

anyway..after prata..we went to east coast! and what great memories they made..especially seigi..haha..i think he has terrible motion sickness...he puked after da bus...while meds..but didnt wanna see da doctor..i doubt it was food poisoning cos everyone ate da same

siti looks awesome as usual..LOLOL

when people look weird she looks normal..hahahaha

making funny faces with da guys...hahaha seigi is damn blur..even without being sick he was already quite blur. hahaha he looked like he was really wondering what everyone was looking at! LOLOLOL

hahaha acting cute..hahahaha i swear kentarou's damn funny! he's like quite popular in da baseball team...wait till everyone sees this picture man. hahahaha da rest were all laughing at him!

hahaha i wonder what ryouta's doing...seigi still looks like he's dying...hahaha

da tide suddenly came up and my shorts got wet!!!


after east coast we were planning on bringing them to chomp chomp to eat...but seigi seemed to be feeling like they all crashed at my house instead...some of us went to buy ingredients for steamboat...while seigi rested..haha my dad came home and was come one of them is drunk? LOLOL hahaha in de end kentarou and seigi stayed in my house together with ayumi and reika...cos seigi remained drunk till damn late...hahaha..kai brought ryouta and kyouhei back to his though...

we stayed all da way up till 4 plus in da morning! we played cards...and that was totally hilarious! they were trying to explain to me da rules of da game...and i didnt understand was kinda like daidee but not? hahaha they kept laughing at me cos i didnt know how to pronounce diamond in's supposed to DIA-HIN-MIN...but i kept saying DIA-MON-DO..LOLOLOL..when i finally got da game...shio took my place cos i went to bathe..LOL..another chicken and duck moment..

i explained to her da game before i left..but apparently she didnt know what i was talking about when i thought she she was asking come da card strength can suddenly change..2 spades becoming da smallest they went "????? ????? ????? ?????? ???" and shio just nodded her head and said "PASSU" hahahaha and then she wanted to ask again..can joker replace any card...and they didnt understand what she was trying to say.."RIPURESU..RIPURESU..RIPURESU" lololol..kentarou thought for like damn long and in de end he "HAI!" hahahahaha

after a while seigi finally woke up...and we all brought glitz and karu down for walk..then we went to 7 was like 3 plus already...and when we got back..we played fortune telling...LOLOL..apparently my skills suckk! we still watched anime together after that! hahahaha finally when we were gonna sleep..glitz and karu went to sleep together with seigi! so cute!

morning came and it was time for them to go already...we first went to lakeside to get kentarou's and seigi's luggages...imagine this's a seven seater car...but da back two seats were pushed down to make space in da boot..da middle seats were pushed all da way there was no leg space..four freaking HUGE luggages in da back...while kentarou..seigi..reika and i squatted and squeezed together in da back with da luggages. LOLOL..shio squeezed in da middle together with their hand carry bags...she was da only one who could fit..hahaha and ayumi sat in front with my dad..when we arrived at da meet up location their schoolmates were laughing! hahaha

man i wished they could have stayed's been a long time since i had so much fun and made new friends..hahaha..but eventually everything comes to an end..

i was in sucha a great mood...and then i got a call..telling me that my godfather passed away...da one who was fired like nothing from night safari after 14 years of service...da king of our japanese you know..seriously i dont know what to say or feel....on saturday...da day that he passed away..i was just talking to another colleague..saying that we should go out some time with him...and da number of times i've heard lakeside....I FUCKING HATE LAKESIDE...first i had to explain to kentarou and seigi how to go there when it's not my job to...and i dont even know how to go their house...kept calling da auntie..when my chinese like shit...she told me her son could teach them how..but he was in de end i had to...i felt so bad for kentarou and seigi..have to travel to some unknown place by themselves..only with my crappy instructions..that's why i asked them to join us instead..furthermore i have ayumi and reika to take care of too..lakeside lakeside lakeside...da funeral's at fucking lakeside too...thank you man..thanks a lot.

isnt it amazing? how i can set aside my emotions and blog about something so fun and happily and end it like that? i can still talk and laugh..and totally repress it too. comes with years of experience man..hahaha..i think i can win academy award for acting.

i hate it that my heart keeps dying...