Friday, December 19, 2008


hiee! it's been a pretty damn ass long time since i updated..and i have loads to say! haha shio's birthday just passed..we both went for da JTC glow christmas party was totally hilarious. LOL but first up is EOY!!!!

December 13

eoy was like one week ago and we're still editing da eoy video..but we're halfway done! video editing is seriously such a minute can like

take a day to edit?? though when you see da end result is worth it..i wanna learn how to put more effects in our vids though..imovie and sony vegas only have limited media fxs..

anyway eoy was not as great as i expected..cosplayers were awesome as usual..but da place was too crammed..filled with too many people..just like AFA. footages had so much noise in da background. and people kept getting chased away by da organisers and da coffee bean staff. da cosplayers weren't really receptive to being interviewed too. it was a great visual treat though. saw many many complicated cosplays...saw some funny ones too! hahaha this time we hung out with chibi itachi and deidara>who was female L this time. LOL..

on to da pictures!

camwhoring on da mrt!

Ciel Phantomhive

Kiriyuu Zero (Seijiro-) & Cross Yuuki

i loved this..Naruto possessed by Kyuubi version. LOL

Jasdero & Devito. awesome skin!

Kon, Nel & cute! i couldnt tell what Kon was at first..LOL

Noitra vs Nel

Walter from Hellsing

Naruto team..freaking ass huge! they had every main character!

i dont know what game this is..haha

Moko & Kyoko

Luigi & Mario!!!!!

Pein, Hollow Ichigo & Chibi Itachi!

Amy from Soul Calibur

Syaoran & Sakura, Sealed Card ver.

hi Ilya!

Ichihara Yuuko

Bismarck Knight of One

haha this was so cute. i think it's an ame ningyo?

Kamen Rider Kiva!!!

Code Geass Team


And lastly! Female L!

Next up! ehhhh Shio's birthday????

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