Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

good morning rotten

aww...this feels really good...havent felt this rested in a long i slept 14 hrs man..i bet i still can go on but im scared i wont be able to wake up in time for jamming i wanna do my song research by today so i can play tomorrow lolol been having end of da world dreams again..dreamt that da world was gonna be destroyed by tsunami again...whilst some were desperately trying to reach da higher places...some didnt bother...still continued playing games lol da whole time i was trying to save glitz though...she's like 27kg eh. so darn heavy..had to carry her and all in case we'd get separated. can only vaguely remember what happened da past few nights...last night i dreamt that i was on da run from this organization that was after my life. anne too. but we had to sneak home to get glitz and some other stuff. i dreamt that we went to this humongous ancient zoo too. and we got to touch all da animals. and there was a fly in my honey water. and that i was balding. LOLOL so nonsense. i wish glitz was compact...well sometimes. lol i like big dogs cos i can play with them however i want without worrying if im gonna hurt them..but at times like these i wish she could go back into her pokeball or something? lolol so it's easier for me to save her. and i'll just summon her again when there's no need for her to be compact. and i can bring her wherever i go too. not gonna happen. oh off to watch anime!

Friday, March 26, 2010

holy cows in birdland!

one piece is so exciting! omg nowadays i only look forward to weekly manga chapters and jamming sessions. lol i absolutely heart heart heart one piece! i love naruto too...ahhh both rock my socks lolol i just finished researching my stuff..yes it is now homg im so hardworking. well i oughta be. im listening to lullaby of birdland now. it's really difficult to sing..but simply divine! lol ahh..i cant wait for next week's chapter to be released. lolol lovesssssssss i really miss zoro and da others though...haven't seen them in 127842 episodes and chapters.....sigh.

lol mafia pirates! minna! luffy needs you!!!!!!!

she's amazing isnt she?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010




one of da masters of romanticism in music..

composer and leader of Xjapan...amazing drummer and of da only hard rock bands with classical influences...

Tuomas Holapainen
 leader of symphonic metal band nightwish....simply amazing compositions...doesnt he look like johnny depp?

Nobuo Uematsu
god of game music....composer of final fantasy music...founder of black mages...who play rock versions of ff music...

Alan Menken
 remember all da disney fairytales...? all da bgm and theme songs were composed by him...even da recent film enchanted too...

Monkey D. Luffy
 goofy fearless captain of straw hat pirates...determination and will like no other...

Uchiha Itachi
 sacrificial lamb of of da most powerful ninjas...known for his boundless sacrifice for his little bro...

Uzumaki Naruto
annoying loudmouth...endless optimism despite housing a monster and facing crap from people....believes in good even in da worst of people...

まー。。まだたくさんいるだが、この八人はリストに一番高いね。動植物を守る人たちも、妖精たちと神話上の生き物も、音楽に情熱人も、ravel debussy schubert beethovenも。。リスト長いね。

good morning world

lol guess who cant sleep again? well i slept for about 2 hours. been listening to listening to ff13's's really good...uematsu..or hamauzu...i guess i still prefer glad hamauzu still stuck to da general ff themes..though you can hear da differences in styles in some songs...i would say that uematsu's music is less forgettable...still it's great nonetheless...

sometimes i feel really irritated with myself...when i hear these kinda hair-raising..makes me have goosebumps just feel like a piece of shit. so fucking lousy..sigh boss told me it's never gonna be enough though. as a musician you always aim to perfect your own music..but it's never going to be. you'd just continue to better yourself..until you reach your limits. it's really music can reach out to it can touch people's hearts...i wanna do that. i find that it's fucking stupid how da greatest artists right now are people who produce clubbing music. it's not that i cant appreciate causes a sense of high and people are able lose themselves in da song....clubbing music just reaches out to people in a senseless and artificial way i suppose. just like drugs or alcohol.

karu likes ff13 music too..he's next to da lappy falling asleep to it. lolol

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


damn sad. so tired but only managed to catch 2 hours of sleep. i really hate it when i cant seem to fall asleep no matter what. im doing my song research and all now. sigh. i need sleep. omg..having a terrible headache. i really need to catch up with a lot of people but i dont have time at all. even my weekends..i just wanna stay home and rest up and de-stress by watching anime..reading manga or just spend time with glitz. i guess right now im giving all my time to so da only people i've been seeing is da band. i wonder how's everyone...

my first million bucks

i've finally earned my first million bucks. im a millionaire! yay! lol on naruto shippuuden that is. hahaha! haha im so full of shit. im so tired right now. had a really long day..jamming plus training. got lots of new songs to learn today too. gotta wake up early tomorrow. since im too nua to do anything right now lol. da band came to support me today too..thanks seventh blood! haha okay im gonna watch nodame before crashing. byeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, March 21, 2010

lightning's so hot.

i am dying to play final fantasy xiii.
i need a ps3.
and a large lcd screen.
and preferbly surround sound system.
and two weeks of absolutely nothing to do.

all of which i dont. BOOOOHOOOOHOOOOOOOOO.

da game's awfully late. but it's finally here yet i cant play! sighhhh i can only drool at trailers and gameplays that people post on youtube. so sad.

lightning's sooooooo sizzling hot! omg why arent there people who look like that in real life? sighhh...da hot ones are always fictional. lolol

awww...this has gotta be one of da best characters yet. love how she exudes strength and femininity at da same time. not too girly or overly voluptuous...a little cold in demeanor. strawberry blond hair yet not irritatingly pink like sakura's. not forgetting her perfect facial features. ahh..pure genius.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

narutooooooooooooooooooooooo (spoiler!)

i just wanted to OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGG at da latest naruto chapter! ahahaha naruto never ceases to awe me! spoilers ahead!

Naruto: "I will shoulder your hatred and die with you."
Sasuke: "Why..What the hell do you want?! Why do you care so much?!"
Naruto: "Because we are friends."


Naruto: "Even if we both end up least we'll no longer be Uchiha and Kyuubi..Not burdened by any of that we'll truly be able to understand each other in the next world!"

oh naruto...your friendship knows no's lightyears beyond the mere importance of wonder there are so many naruxsasu doujins around...LOL 

one more for da road...KYAa~ lololol

password please?

i've create two new labels Of Thy Yonder Dreams and The Black Beast of Faerie Moon..

da foremost are posts about my dreams and nightmares...and da latter is about my trials and tribulations on my journey to faerie moon....yea just an expression for my music and greater dreams...most of it would be password protected....i'll pass some of you guys da password soon...or if you can figure out da password that's great lolol..initially i wanted to name it la bête noir de fée de lune...which means da same but in french..but like too complicated lol..oh off to password protect my posts now...omg..i have a lot to do.

Friday, March 12, 2010

fiera in wonderland lol

oh what a day i had yesterday! i forced my sleep deprived self to get up to watch alice in wonderland..and it was totally worth it..lolol da bgm was awesome...da world of mystical creatures was well designed and animated. and da magical day that i had after. hahaha okay im exaggerating but it was a darn good day. started off with a picnic in wonderland...snuck in fastfood in...burger king...kfc..popcorn...lololol da smell of fried food was kinda permeating man. but we were really hungry lol jovan even forgot what movie we were gonna watch..i stupidly asked if we could see our food in 3D haha! and zacc didnt even realise his orange juice spilled. i think we were all really sleepy. alas our trip to wonderland must come to an end and i had usual...haha..
haha i woke up so early today..but still so sleepy only had about 5 hours of sleep..woke up cos' i was thirsty...and i think i'll go back to sleep now ja ne~~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

heaven sent waterfall..

i had a horrible horrible dream! i dreamt that there was a tsunami warning and we all had to evacuate..and we werent allowed to bring any unnecessary stuff and that included glitz and karu!!!! da rescue ship was kinda strange was a submarine type? but somehow it got flooded..and a bunch of sea turtles saved us. so cool right? there were thousands of sea turtles..and they were swimming all around us...some grabbed us by da shirts (with their mouths) and swam us to safety..some let us ride on their so after da tsunami...we headed back home. and da scene that we arrived upon was so devastating. there were dead cats everywhere. and they were all dead black cats. so ominous. as we walked towards our house we saw more and more cats...but then we saw that our nearing apartment building was still it was a relief. da first floor was a little soaked but other than that no damage done. it's lucky that da building was on a high altitude area. so anne and i ran towards our apartment and it was perfectly fine! glitz and karu were still! but they were mad at us and didnt wanna talk to us. LOL

i think this dream is a clear reflection of what i've seen in reality man. da flooded lounge..da tsunamis...da dead cat...recently i received an email about turtles too..humans stealing turtle eggs while they're washed up on shore..okay gotta goooooooooo~

Thursday, March 4, 2010

i hate avril.

avril stole my dream! i swear this video is just mocking me in da face. im so far far far far away. i find that it pretty much still has her punk rock roots 'cept that there's no guitar and a more gothic tone to it. love da bridge. it's da most befitting part of da whole gothic haunting theme.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i've been fucking restless...i dont know why..i cant sleep..when i do i dont sleep well...and it's killing meeeeeeee. affecting my mood..affecting my voice..ugh help. i rather have nightmares..and be emo. da dreams i've been having are irritating. dreams are supposed to be dreams. they are not supposed to have a semblance of reality in them...recently i dream of annoying things. like i sing and screw up...trying to say something but dont know what to say...looking for some missing object...WTHHH you know how da simplest things just annoy da hell outta you...dont know why my dreams feel like when you shit and realise that there's no toilet paper. lolol irritating.

Monday, March 1, 2010

does it really have nothing to do with us?

it's 3.40am...and im sitting in front of my computer...watching anime..facebooking and listening to music...some are sleeping..some are studying....some are fearfully awaiting news of an tsunami attack...some are salvaging what's left after an while i sympathize with a lobster...or a cat...or a bird....or any other animal....i think i should take da time to pray and hope these people too.....that all my friends in japan would be safe.....that da evacuation would only be an preemptive action and nothing more....that no more resulting quakes or tsunamis would occur....that da damage in chile would be salvaged....that broken families would heal...that da lives lost would be mourned...that nature would have mercy....and that we continue to appreciate da safety our homes whilst hoping for da safety of others...yea.......

of lobsters and crows...

im soooooooooo full...i havent eaten this well in a long long time. haha! just had an absolutely scrumptious meal at ah yat seafood restaurant at turf city...haha thinking about it still makes me drool...though there were some stuff that i'd rather not have seen...ate yusheng...and i really still cant used to da taste...though it was da best one i've eaten so far....da second dish was absolutely gorgeous....until i saw it move....see see...affinity with dead animals...sigh....lobster sashimi.....da lobster was twice da size of my arm......and it's legs and mouth was still moving....obviously i didnt eat it...i think it's fucking rude...disrespectful and downright sad and would you feel if someone chopped your leg off and started eating it in front of you...while you're still alive and in pain? i was da only one who didnt eat it...and i think it kinda knew?....everytime it was turned and facing me.....its mouth started moving chanting something....maybe asking for help...or cursing us....i was like sorry sorry sorry sorry in my head....sigh....anyway...we had steamed drunken prawns....yum yum....tiger garoupa.....sweet and spicy clams...cheese baked oysters....that were da size of my hand.....and my hands are quite big for a girl's...hahaha....then crab ee mee looked so good....and then i realised that it was da remains from da lobster was that big i didnt eat it again.....but everything else was really good....i cant even remember what else we had...hahah brain not functioning from eating too da dessert was even better....i had mango pudding...topped with condensed milk tea....great way to end it off.....da total bill was like thousand over la.....delicious food + not having to pay = blissssssssssssssssss LOL i would post photos...but i dont really have any? hahahah i dont understand how people can take photos of food...i mean...da food comes...looks so good and i cant resist already. must eat...who cares about taking photos..LOL but if it's aesthetic appeal is too great i would still snap some la..haha

so right this morning...i was totally flabbergasted. da strangest thing happened. hahaha two crows and karu were having a meeting outside my serious! hahaha da two crows kept squawking..dont know saying what...and karu was like listening so attentively..once in a while glitz would join in and make weird asking what you guys doing...LOL at first when i snuck up on them...trying to see what da hell was going on..da crows flew away...but they came back again...and i think they got used to my presence or couldnt care shit if i was there. LOL and they started squawking and talking again. hahaha i should have taken picture! damn!!!!! it's damn funny i tell you! then anne got annoyed and told me to chase them away but i didnt want cute what...2 crows a cat and a dog...having meeting LOL so funny...after awhile i went back to bed..dont disturb their meeting...hahaha so when da meeting was adjourned karu came onto my asked him what you all talk about..he just looked at me cutely and went to sleep hahahaha ya we all woke up much much later and i told my mom about it...then she was like why you never chase them away...crows signify bad luck..we got enough bad luck already...blah blah...say karu so stupid maybe they want to eat him...discussing how to attack him but glitz kept going to da window so cannot...LOL surrounded by weird things. LOL

rest in peace mr lobster...