Saturday, March 27, 2010

good morning rotten

aww...this feels really good...havent felt this rested in a long i slept 14 hrs man..i bet i still can go on but im scared i wont be able to wake up in time for jamming i wanna do my song research by today so i can play tomorrow lolol been having end of da world dreams again..dreamt that da world was gonna be destroyed by tsunami again...whilst some were desperately trying to reach da higher places...some didnt bother...still continued playing games lol da whole time i was trying to save glitz though...she's like 27kg eh. so darn heavy..had to carry her and all in case we'd get separated. can only vaguely remember what happened da past few nights...last night i dreamt that i was on da run from this organization that was after my life. anne too. but we had to sneak home to get glitz and some other stuff. i dreamt that we went to this humongous ancient zoo too. and we got to touch all da animals. and there was a fly in my honey water. and that i was balding. LOLOL so nonsense. i wish glitz was compact...well sometimes. lol i like big dogs cos i can play with them however i want without worrying if im gonna hurt them..but at times like these i wish she could go back into her pokeball or something? lolol so it's easier for me to save her. and i'll just summon her again when there's no need for her to be compact. and i can bring her wherever i go too. not gonna happen. oh off to watch anime!

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