Wednesday, March 10, 2010

heaven sent waterfall..

i had a horrible horrible dream! i dreamt that there was a tsunami warning and we all had to evacuate..and we werent allowed to bring any unnecessary stuff and that included glitz and karu!!!! da rescue ship was kinda strange was a submarine type? but somehow it got flooded..and a bunch of sea turtles saved us. so cool right? there were thousands of sea turtles..and they were swimming all around us...some grabbed us by da shirts (with their mouths) and swam us to safety..some let us ride on their so after da tsunami...we headed back home. and da scene that we arrived upon was so devastating. there were dead cats everywhere. and they were all dead black cats. so ominous. as we walked towards our house we saw more and more cats...but then we saw that our nearing apartment building was still it was a relief. da first floor was a little soaked but other than that no damage done. it's lucky that da building was on a high altitude area. so anne and i ran towards our apartment and it was perfectly fine! glitz and karu were still! but they were mad at us and didnt wanna talk to us. LOL

i think this dream is a clear reflection of what i've seen in reality man. da flooded lounge..da tsunamis...da dead cat...recently i received an email about turtles too..humans stealing turtle eggs while they're washed up on shore..okay gotta goooooooooo~

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Johnnie said...

This is so cool... Well not the tsunami or the dead cats part, but the sea turtles saving us part! And I actually believe its possible! Lolz... Look at Kusu Island! Lolz It has happened before! It can happen again! Lolz. Oh well, take care! Dream more! =)