Sunday, March 21, 2010

lightning's so hot.

i am dying to play final fantasy xiii.
i need a ps3.
and a large lcd screen.
and preferbly surround sound system.
and two weeks of absolutely nothing to do.

all of which i dont. BOOOOHOOOOHOOOOOOOOO.

da game's awfully late. but it's finally here yet i cant play! sighhhh i can only drool at trailers and gameplays that people post on youtube. so sad.

lightning's sooooooo sizzling hot! omg why arent there people who look like that in real life? sighhh...da hot ones are always fictional. lolol

awww...this has gotta be one of da best characters yet. love how she exudes strength and femininity at da same time. not too girly or overly voluptuous...a little cold in demeanor. strawberry blond hair yet not irritatingly pink like sakura's. not forgetting her perfect facial features. ahh..pure genius.

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