Wednesday, March 24, 2010

good morning world

lol guess who cant sleep again? well i slept for about 2 hours. been listening to listening to ff13's's really good...uematsu..or hamauzu...i guess i still prefer glad hamauzu still stuck to da general ff themes..though you can hear da differences in styles in some songs...i would say that uematsu's music is less forgettable...still it's great nonetheless...

sometimes i feel really irritated with myself...when i hear these kinda hair-raising..makes me have goosebumps just feel like a piece of shit. so fucking lousy..sigh boss told me it's never gonna be enough though. as a musician you always aim to perfect your own music..but it's never going to be. you'd just continue to better yourself..until you reach your limits. it's really music can reach out to it can touch people's hearts...i wanna do that. i find that it's fucking stupid how da greatest artists right now are people who produce clubbing music. it's not that i cant appreciate causes a sense of high and people are able lose themselves in da song....clubbing music just reaches out to people in a senseless and artificial way i suppose. just like drugs or alcohol.

karu likes ff13 music too..he's next to da lappy falling asleep to it. lolol

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Anonymous said...

What do u mean by 'clubbing music'. If you mean all those those cheesy artists like Akon etc then I totally agree with you.

And if you mean that the whole ELECTRONICA genre is superficial then you're wrong. There are some mind-blowing DJ's whose music is just out of the world. Even I don't like clubbing music all that much but artists like The Crystal Method, Armin Van Buurin, The Prodigy, BT etc really make my day.

Peace out