Friday, March 12, 2010

fiera in wonderland lol

oh what a day i had yesterday! i forced my sleep deprived self to get up to watch alice in wonderland..and it was totally worth it..lolol da bgm was awesome...da world of mystical creatures was well designed and animated. and da magical day that i had after. hahaha okay im exaggerating but it was a darn good day. started off with a picnic in wonderland...snuck in fastfood in...burger king...kfc..popcorn...lololol da smell of fried food was kinda permeating man. but we were really hungry lol jovan even forgot what movie we were gonna watch..i stupidly asked if we could see our food in 3D haha! and zacc didnt even realise his orange juice spilled. i think we were all really sleepy. alas our trip to wonderland must come to an end and i had usual...haha..
haha i woke up so early today..but still so sleepy only had about 5 hours of sleep..woke up cos' i was thirsty...and i think i'll go back to sleep now ja ne~~

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