Saturday, November 27, 2010


im feeling terribly emo right now...for some unknown's not as if i had a bad just feeling really insecure...sometimes i wish i had luffy's naivety..i need one piece therapy right now! sigh..i had a 4 hour theory lesson today...theory overload seriously. i've been playing da piano a lot recently too. in da middle of da da's been eating into my sleeping time. also since i've been helping out with anne's assignments. maybe im just tired...but im damn pressured right now..feel fucking inadequate. my piano sucks my guitar sucks my singing sucks..i feel fucking face like shit. im still nowhere near my dreams. it just keeps drifting further and further away from me. so what if i can play da piano? so what if i can sing? there's always someone better than me..prettier than me out there. endless amounts of competition. at this rate im never gonna be able to achieve anything. how much more time must i waste? i seriously feel sorry for my pathetic self right now. should probably just sleep and bounce back to da confident me again tomorrow. 

something i drew during break just now..have you read one piece chapter 605? wasnt it awesome??? third gear homg third gearr!! and zoro and sanji and everyone! snippets of their powers omigosh....i wanna tame a kraken too! a downer on one piece right now...oh wells ja na~

Monday, November 22, 2010

✦アニメフェスチバルアジア✦Anime Festival Asia X✦

おはよっす〜まだ寝てないけどね d(>ω<)b


Good Mornin~ I haven't slept yet tho'
It's been a while..I'll be writing in jap~but don't worry! I'll translate it~

先ずは!みんな (*゚ノO゚)⎠オオオオォォォォォォォーーーーーイ!

First up! Ooooooooooi everyone--------!


Cheers for a job well done~! 'm indebted to you guys..thank you so much~

それに、日本語が話せるから、いっぱいいっぱいチャンスもらった〜!Kaname✩やAIRAやAlodiaやSCANDALやDannyChoo...他の日本人の先輩にもサーブできた〜 ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
( つ Д `)

AFAX was really enjoyable! It was an honour to be let in MMK! I made a lot of feet hurt like hell..I lost my voice..I met people from da entertainment industry..I got to experience many different was da bestestestestestest opportunity ever! Furthermore..because I could speak Japanese..I received even more chances~! I got to serve Kaname✩ and AIRA and Alodia and SCANDAL and DannyChoo and all de other Japanese Senpais~ Muahahahahaha
That's not all~We were able to attend da concert..AKB48..SCANDAL..May'n~it was amazing. I was really touched. Da feelings that ran through my mind at that moment...'whadda hell am I doing?! I wanna hurry and stand on that same stage~I wanna be able to sing that well'....just...TT.TT


AFAX is now over...I wonder if everyone is missing it too~~


Sorry to keep you waiting~~~~ here are da photos!

Somehow everything sounds so lame in english -.-"

 AFAX Day Zero (training) 

Animax K-On Girl YUI (Madelyn-chan~)

Decorating our pictures for our picture board! i drew ice cream sundaes..lols Moe-nyan said they look like shit  (´;∆;`)

Picture of our picture lols! Miyu-nyan sexay neko! rawrrr (>.<)

Megane ver. Miya-swan and Feru!

Our Photoboard!!! (it got thrown away after AFAX! ∏.∏)


Partners Rina and Feru~ MMK Photographer and Rocker!


Suteki na IDOL Miya! Ever pose ready!


Front shot~~

SCANDALの為に、萌え萌えキュンのギターソロ!*ジャアあアあアあん!*ROCK~ON!! (heeeee this was created by was part of my power up!)


Check out who's in da background! LOLS

My one and only shot with SCANDAL and i look like crap! (#゚Д゚) darn sad! Actually Rina..PehPeh and I served SCANDAL in their room and we took pics with them! But Rina (Scandal) only posted hers and Rina's (MMK) one!! RAWRRR SAD MAX. Rinaaa Rinaaa...JEALOUSSS ( `_っ´)*hmpf* lolols

Animax K-On girls playing games with Senpais!

Kaname✩ AIRA and Alodia!

Kaname✩!!! I decorated his pasta (>m<) I ❤ BR Shooter ★★★

 Da man behind MMK~! Jim Peh Peh!!! Thank you for taking care of us! We ❤ you!



Camwhoring at da Hotel~ May'n!!

Kaname✩kun~ I've got a really unglam pic of us....( ´∀`)σ)∀`)

Hiroshi vs Feru! Who will win?!

Yopparai Feru and Miya!

リナ〜どうして全然赤くないはよ?!Rina's not red at all!

Peh Peh why are you covering your mouth? lolols teehee

Yopparai Level 10. Ace x Chopper x Zoro! Kaname✩..Feru..Miya version!

AIRA and Feru!

May'n x Atelier Royale x Moe Moe Kyun x SOZO POWER~!


SEE YOU NEXT AFA (or maybe AFI LOLOLOLS) hoped you enjoyed it as much as i did!

p.s go watch one piece! ワンピス最強!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I cant wait to blog about AFAX but im still waiting for da pictures to be uploaded! みんな〜急いで!i really have lots i wanna say~ from da incredible experience at Moe Moe Kyun...meeting KANAME✩..Alodia..Aira..Angela..AKB48..SCANDAL..May'N!!! Da aweesomee anisong concert..just really glad that i was part of this entire event! thank you sooooooo much jim peh peh and all you guys at SOZO~♥♥♥♥ i've really been blessed with an amazing to know people in da japanese industry too! i just hope this wouldnt be de end~~ i will miss everyonee! in da mean time...while waiting for them to upload more's some!

Our Photo Board!!

Moe Moe Kyun x SCANDAL~~~

a picture of us May'n posted on her blog!

RAWRRR still waiting for moree~~~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

when choco becomes unko

my totally awesome day ended with a blast. not an 'OoOOo fireworks' kinda blast but an 'explosion in your face' blast. my piano came's hugeee! asides from da super seasoned keys..everything else was great..da sound. da reverb in my entire house. i also got two mics..sm57 and sm58. one to mic up my piano and one for all that's left is a mixer. met da girls today..been a while. had a good time..june's stories of her students were hilarious as usual. lols..

June: "Class is Dr. Blah..she'll be observing our class today."
Student: "Doctor, your clinic never open today ah?"


my mom said some fucked up stuff to me again. i've been recording from midnight till now. and im really bummed about something. im scared. and i dont really know what to do. i need one piece therapy. now!!

luffy's my only dream is as big as his. i wonder if i'll achieve my dreams before luffy becomes da pirate king. i feel like im about to fight 3 admirals too. and i dont think i'll win. have to go around..concentrate on saving ace. yea...that'd work. okay im gonna lie on bed...and enter marine hq. see you in a bit luffy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

yukata feru!

i forgot to blog about da wine convention lols. i tried wearing a yukata for da first time da other day and what an experience. lolols it looks real pretty and all..but it's crazy uncomfortable! da obi forces you to stand damn straight and since i had no geta (japanese sandals) i had to wear heels. OMG. within half an hour my back started to hurt. and by de end of da feet and back were killing meeee. we had to stand from 10 - 6.30!!!!! it's damn hard to walk too lolols..da second day i supposed it got better. LOLS instead of da pain in my back and feet. all da pain went to my knees LOLOL i was running after da bus and i fell! fel fell LOLOLOLS saw my wounds in da halloween pics? they were real! lolols scraped my knees really badly. and you know on that day addition to da fall i tripped another 4 times! omigosh...power to me. LOLS my hobby really is falling lols ORZ

yoshimi-chan and me on da first day~ i had my hair in a high ponyshuu instead..

we didnt take much pics...yoshimi and i not much of a camwhore LOL

i found this pic on fb!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


im finally gonna blog about halloween!

halloween was totally awesome this year! celebrated it 3 times!! da week before halloween jo ko and i went to night safari. and tho' da scarefest was not as great as da previous years we still had a blast! lolols on da eve..wanted to go to da haunted house at asian civilization museum but da waiting time was 2 hours for a 5 min scare (ΤΔΤ) lion and i ended up at jo's house drinking da sake i got from working at da wine convention lols and on da actual day we celebrated halloween MOE style! okay! shant talk too much~~ on to da picturesss!!!

Night Safari

Samurai Fel and Bodyguards from Hell Jo and Ko LOLS

on da way to safari!

on da tram!

my japanese fox mask~~

fox on zebraaa

jo's wife damn scary lolols

jo's concubine cos first one too scary LOLOL

Atama Dimsum anyone??

amei san and yukie san! hisashiburi~~~~

MOE MOE KYUN haroharoweeeeen!

kowaii!! (>^O^)>
Miyu Moe Feru


Atelier Royale and Peh Peh

it was peh peh's and shawn's birthday!!


Miyu-tan and Moe-chan!

Rina-chwan and Riiyo-swan~

Tomomi-kyun Yoshimi-swan and Miya-tan!

Hitomi-cyan and Moe-nyan!

 Riiyo-chan Feru and Rina-pyon!

MMK and Animax K-on Girls wishing everyone Happy Halloween!!! I hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

please support Moe Moe Kyun..Atelier Royale and de Animax K-On Girls during AFAX! see you there!