Wednesday, November 10, 2010

when choco becomes unko

my totally awesome day ended with a blast. not an 'OoOOo fireworks' kinda blast but an 'explosion in your face' blast. my piano came's hugeee! asides from da super seasoned keys..everything else was great..da sound. da reverb in my entire house. i also got two mics..sm57 and sm58. one to mic up my piano and one for all that's left is a mixer. met da girls today..been a while. had a good time..june's stories of her students were hilarious as usual. lols..

June: "Class is Dr. Blah..she'll be observing our class today."
Student: "Doctor, your clinic never open today ah?"


my mom said some fucked up stuff to me again. i've been recording from midnight till now. and im really bummed about something. im scared. and i dont really know what to do. i need one piece therapy. now!!

luffy's my only dream is as big as his. i wonder if i'll achieve my dreams before luffy becomes da pirate king. i feel like im about to fight 3 admirals too. and i dont think i'll win. have to go around..concentrate on saving ace. yea...that'd work. okay im gonna lie on bed...and enter marine hq. see you in a bit luffy!

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