Tuesday, November 2, 2010


sad like fuck. been a while since i last watched such a video..always avoided it since i knew i would be damn affected. but it just reminded me of my ideals again. i think im gonna take it to da next step. no more seafood too. or at least i'll try cutting down. maybe just once a week. this is why i fucking fucking hate da world we live in. 

even if you cant take it..just fucking watch it. you think i can take it? i fucking cried within 10 secs of da video. but people need a wake up call. you think this is something you cant help. beyond your control. nothing to do with you. not your damn problem. dont need think so much. im not da one who kills da animals anyway. secondhand murderers. even if you cant stop eating meat. at least cut down on da branded leather goods would you? fucking brand conscious people. 

sorry this is not directed at anyone. just feel fucking angry and useless right now. what else could i possibly do? at least..if i was bieber..i'd have da voice to influence a million girls. i just have to continue in my current direction and make it as soon as possible.

watch it. all da way. fucking trailer only.

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