Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I cant wait to blog about AFAX but im still waiting for da pictures to be uploaded! みんな〜急いで!i really have lots i wanna say~ from da incredible experience at Moe Moe Kyun...meeting KANAME✩..Alodia..Aira..Angela..AKB48..SCANDAL..May'N!!! Da aweesomee anisong concert..just really glad that i was part of this entire event! thank you sooooooo much jim peh peh and all you guys at SOZO~♥♥♥♥ i've really been blessed with an amazing opportunity...got to know people in da japanese industry too! i just hope this wouldnt be de end~~ i will miss everyonee! in da mean time...while waiting for them to upload more pics..here's some!

Our Photo Board!!

Moe Moe Kyun x SCANDAL~~~

a picture of us May'n posted on her blog!

RAWRRR still waiting for moree~~~

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