Monday, November 22, 2010

✦アニメフェスチバルアジア✦Anime Festival Asia X✦

おはよっす〜まだ寝てないけどね d(>ω<)b


Good Mornin~ I haven't slept yet tho'
It's been a while..I'll be writing in jap~but don't worry! I'll translate it~

先ずは!みんな (*゚ノO゚)⎠オオオオォォォォォォォーーーーーイ!

First up! Ooooooooooi everyone--------!


Cheers for a job well done~! 'm indebted to you guys..thank you so much~

それに、日本語が話せるから、いっぱいいっぱいチャンスもらった〜!Kaname✩やAIRAやAlodiaやSCANDALやDannyChoo...他の日本人の先輩にもサーブできた〜 ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
( つ Д `)

AFAX was really enjoyable! It was an honour to be let in MMK! I made a lot of feet hurt like hell..I lost my voice..I met people from da entertainment industry..I got to experience many different was da bestestestestestest opportunity ever! Furthermore..because I could speak Japanese..I received even more chances~! I got to serve Kaname✩ and AIRA and Alodia and SCANDAL and DannyChoo and all de other Japanese Senpais~ Muahahahahaha
That's not all~We were able to attend da concert..AKB48..SCANDAL..May'n~it was amazing. I was really touched. Da feelings that ran through my mind at that moment...'whadda hell am I doing?! I wanna hurry and stand on that same stage~I wanna be able to sing that well'....just...TT.TT


AFAX is now over...I wonder if everyone is missing it too~~


Sorry to keep you waiting~~~~ here are da photos!

Somehow everything sounds so lame in english -.-"

 AFAX Day Zero (training) 

Animax K-On Girl YUI (Madelyn-chan~)

Decorating our pictures for our picture board! i drew ice cream sundaes..lols Moe-nyan said they look like shit  (´;∆;`)

Picture of our picture lols! Miyu-nyan sexay neko! rawrrr (>.<)

Megane ver. Miya-swan and Feru!

Our Photoboard!!! (it got thrown away after AFAX! ∏.∏)


Partners Rina and Feru~ MMK Photographer and Rocker!


Suteki na IDOL Miya! Ever pose ready!


Front shot~~

SCANDALの為に、萌え萌えキュンのギターソロ!*ジャアあアあアあん!*ROCK~ON!! (heeeee this was created by was part of my power up!)


Check out who's in da background! LOLS

My one and only shot with SCANDAL and i look like crap! (#゚Д゚) darn sad! Actually Rina..PehPeh and I served SCANDAL in their room and we took pics with them! But Rina (Scandal) only posted hers and Rina's (MMK) one!! RAWRRR SAD MAX. Rinaaa Rinaaa...JEALOUSSS ( `_っ´)*hmpf* lolols

Animax K-On girls playing games with Senpais!

Kaname✩ AIRA and Alodia!

Kaname✩!!! I decorated his pasta (>m<) I ❤ BR Shooter ★★★

 Da man behind MMK~! Jim Peh Peh!!! Thank you for taking care of us! We ❤ you!



Camwhoring at da Hotel~ May'n!!

Kaname✩kun~ I've got a really unglam pic of us....( ´∀`)σ)∀`)

Hiroshi vs Feru! Who will win?!

Yopparai Feru and Miya!

リナ〜どうして全然赤くないはよ?!Rina's not red at all!

Peh Peh why are you covering your mouth? lolols teehee

Yopparai Level 10. Ace x Chopper x Zoro! Kaname✩..Feru..Miya version!

AIRA and Feru!

May'n x Atelier Royale x Moe Moe Kyun x SOZO POWER~!


SEE YOU NEXT AFA (or maybe AFI LOLOLOLS) hoped you enjoyed it as much as i did!

p.s go watch one piece! ワンピス最強!

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