Wednesday, November 3, 2010


im finally gonna blog about halloween!

halloween was totally awesome this year! celebrated it 3 times!! da week before halloween jo ko and i went to night safari. and tho' da scarefest was not as great as da previous years we still had a blast! lolols on da eve..wanted to go to da haunted house at asian civilization museum but da waiting time was 2 hours for a 5 min scare (ΤΔΤ) lion and i ended up at jo's house drinking da sake i got from working at da wine convention lols and on da actual day we celebrated halloween MOE style! okay! shant talk too much~~ on to da picturesss!!!

Night Safari

Samurai Fel and Bodyguards from Hell Jo and Ko LOLS

on da way to safari!

on da tram!

my japanese fox mask~~

fox on zebraaa

jo's wife damn scary lolols

jo's concubine cos first one too scary LOLOL

Atama Dimsum anyone??

amei san and yukie san! hisashiburi~~~~

MOE MOE KYUN haroharoweeeeen!

kowaii!! (>^O^)>
Miyu Moe Feru


Atelier Royale and Peh Peh

it was peh peh's and shawn's birthday!!


Miyu-tan and Moe-chan!

Rina-chwan and Riiyo-swan~

Tomomi-kyun Yoshimi-swan and Miya-tan!

Hitomi-cyan and Moe-nyan!

 Riiyo-chan Feru and Rina-pyon!

MMK and Animax K-on Girls wishing everyone Happy Halloween!!! I hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

please support Moe Moe Kyun..Atelier Royale and de Animax K-On Girls during AFAX! see you there!

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