Tuesday, December 29, 2009

me and mini me

mini me's in town! woohoo..it's her first time in singapore and da house has been a whole lot rowdier..she's one rude and noisy girl lol..but it's this part of her that makes her so adorable..luckily she's cute that's why people are more forgiving towards her LOLOL that's da ironic truth man...with all my christmas prep i didnt spend as much time as i liked with her but we went to da zoo! again..wheee LOL went shopping too..she has da most horrid taste in clothes..LOL she likes to wear all da auntie style and chinese new year kind of clothes..omg la. but she's easily swayed..we just have to show her something else nicer and she would agree immediately HAHA so fun to shop for kids clothes...they have such pretty dresses..and we kinda wore 'matching' dresses to da zoo LOLOL..my aunt suggested it!

lolol did i mention she's damn chor lor too? and we both sit da same way LOL


emu and her haha

hahaha at some point i was helping her to take pictures of da giraffe...and she was alone with shio....shio came back and said i dont wanna walk with her already so embarrassing! cos right...some guy behind them burped damn loudly...and she shouted EEEEEEE who burp so loud so disgusting LOLOLOLOL fucking funny hahahaha okay that's all for now ja ne!

Monday, December 28, 2009

post christmas greetins...

christmas was great! laughed shitloads and luckily da food turned out great! first time trying out da recipes...pheww!

my absolutely gorgeous tree which i think looks like it was bought from a store already decorated...LOL..spent a long time decorating it...adding ornaments little by little everyday...

in da darkk...

i made da bow!




karu's soooooooo cute!


my newly painted and decorated door...

look at all da mistletoe...LOL

next up...FOOODDD!

yellow ang moh styled rice with tomatoes and mushrooms...YUM YUM

chinese styled asparagus because i screwed up da creamy sauce...lol...

roast chicken!

 finger food! fish and chicken nuggets...cocktail cheese sausages wrapped in ham...

squirrel shaped butter cakes...blueberry muffins and cheese tarts....there were christmas tree shaped konyaku jelly too...but shio forgot to take pictures of that...bahhhh...

moose shaped cake...da leg crumbled thanks to jovan...lolol...

another one with a crumbled leg...lol...

we had porcupine...bear..wolf...and other shaped cakes too!

our shape cutters...lolol...

charades time....jovan's attempt at aladdin...haha..

jon's version of prostitute...HAHA this picture cracks me up

LOL i dont know wth tawan was charading as...AHAHA

ko..me....bh had to leave so earlyyy....

everyone including glitz and karu! sans bh....

candid version!

reindeer version...LOL

im sooooooooooo tired...my cousin and aunt were also in town...but that's another story to tell later....mm...a short nap would do good about right now...lolol...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

wow it's christmas eve! 

yay! it's been a real tiring few days...trying to finish painting my house in time (it's not done though lol)...spring cleaning..shifting furniture here and there...i had about 5 hours of sleep before i had to wake up and get today started...mfucking tired..hahaha...brought karu to clean his ears and glitz to cut her nails....walked all da way to festival market just to check how much da roast chicken was...but they're only selling it with da christmas combo so walked for nothing..zzz...headed to sing song to buy shitloads of stuff...shio and i had to stop like every few minutes just to rest our arms..it was that heavy...bathed glitz and karu...prepared some of da food...painted somemore...shifted furniture again...and now it's 2.55am....and i have to wake up in 3 hours to follow my parents to da wet market...and then more food prep....oh boy...i am complaining..i am bitching..but my tree's real pretty...and i'll get to spend christmas with all my friends...so i cant wait till da prep's all over and da celebrating begins...nights and...

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i wanna be a na'vi!

haha i finally managed to catch avatar! it's been fully booked like crazy since opening night..and even today it still was..freaking awesome! i cant believe new moon's been getting all da hype because of half naked werewolves and vampires zzz...honestly speaking..im a big fan of all things magical and mystical but come on...seriously..twilight? scrap da romance and da screaming girls and i'll think about it..every girl wants a chance at dark forbidden love with a hot half naked vampire who cant get enough of you...throw in a hot half naked werewolf on da side and woohoo..there goes all common sense...i cant deny that if i were in bella's shoes i wouldnt become a blushing love sick girl too...but i definitely wouldnt become a blushing love sick girl with a mentality of a 15 year old...edward this jacob that...and sparkly vampires....that's da lamest thing i've ever heard...probably da part that spoils da movie...for me that is...it's a nice  romantic/dramatic movie...but every thing else...da action...ughh....da acting...umm it was good but fans are blinded by their abs...lol...da portrayal of vampires...ughh...sparkly monsters just doesnt cut it..oh wells...anyway i've officially become an avatar fanatic! edi was right i absolutely loved loved loved da show...im so gonna watch it again...i sooooo hope that avatar beats new moon outta da box office! i wish i could be part of this kinda world....

awesomee right...da floating mountains...da fauna and flora....da movie just emphasizes da nature of humans...with da exception of a few of course...if i were na'vi what would i look like...lolol....

Common Name
Mountain banshee
Na'vi Name
Mountainous regions of Pandora, including Hallelujah Mountains
Leathery membranous wins stretched taut over hollow bone structure. Large distensible jaw. Complex coloring scheme. Teeth are obsidian-like and extremely sharp. Bones composed of biologically produced carbon-fiber composite.
Feeding Ecology
Shape of jaw indicates that ikran may have evolved from fish.
Wingspan of up to twelve meters.

Common Name
Na'vi Name
Palulukan or “Dry Mouth Bringer of Fear”
Bestiapanthera ferox or “fierce panther beast”
Rainforest floor. Similar species have been observed in subarctic regions.
Armored head and massive distensible armored jaw. Teeth are twenty-three centimeters long. Burnished black skin banded with stripes of yellow and scarlet. Ten external sensory quills. Upper lips fold back for maximum tooth extension. Armored chitinous plating over dorsal area.
Feeding Ecology
Apex land predator, omnivore with preference for nocturnal hunting
Reaches more than 5.5. meters long, up to 2.5 meters tall

Common Name
Na'vi Name
Rhinoquadruculus hammercephali or “four-eyed rhinoceros”
Prefers open grasslands, but frequent visitor to rainforest
Massive, low-slung head with boney projections on either side of the skull similar to Terran hammerhead shark. Soft ungulate mouth is protected by a rigid, beak-like jaw structure.
Feeding Ecology
Land herbivore. Main food sources are grass and shrubs, but also eats various fruits and leaves of the rainforest.
Can be six meters in height, eleven meters long
A plant eater, but potentially deadly. Almost twice the size of an African elephant, but much faster.

Common Name Viperwolf
Na'vi Name Nantang
Taxonomy Caniferratus costatus or “striped armored wolf.”
Habitat Rainforest, savanna, subarctic.
Anatomy Six legs. Mostly black but banded with vermillion and iridescent blue. Burnished, hairless skin. Low slung head with chitinous armor around neck. Amphipod plating on the back of the neck and spine. Bioluminescence for pack identification. Distensible, snake-like jaw with obsidian-like teeth. Paddle-like tail used for stability. Leathery paws have opposable thumbs. Shows characteristics of canid on evolutionary path to simian.
Feeding Ecology Mostly nocturnal carnivore, highly strategic pack hunter with territories ranging over 480 sq. kilometers. Unique coyote-like yelps and snake-like hissing thought to convey hunting information.
Size More than 1.5 meters long, .7 meters tall.
Notes Humanlike grip allows them to hunt in rainforest canopy as well as on ground. It is revered by the Na'vi for its fierce intelligence, strong familial bond and devotion to its pack.

mannn...im a sucker for animals......LOL

Monday, December 14, 2009


ahh..so exhausted...lol..i seem to be doing an awful lot lately...painted my house...decorated my tree..got lots of random stuff on my mind too..like what we should eat for christmas...da new game i've been playing...kohji leaving...itachi dying...what am i doing...lol...need to bathe glitz...gotta play piano...gotta prac guitar....hahaha...random randomness.....thinking of a lot of stupid things too...you know how you've never thought of something before...or never entertained da thought of something happening...but because of something someone said...or just a stupid dream...you cant stop thinking about it? yea....tsk...hopefully it's just a passing phase...oh wells...im really awfully tired...nights yea...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


i cant decide which is worse...hypersomnia or insomnia....bahhhh...