Tuesday, December 29, 2009

me and mini me

mini me's in town! woohoo..it's her first time in singapore and da house has been a whole lot rowdier..she's one rude and noisy girl lol..but it's this part of her that makes her so adorable..luckily she's cute that's why people are more forgiving towards her LOLOL that's da ironic truth man...with all my christmas prep i didnt spend as much time as i liked with her but we went to da zoo! again..wheee LOL went shopping too..she has da most horrid taste in clothes..LOL she likes to wear all da auntie style and chinese new year kind of clothes..omg la. but she's easily swayed..we just have to show her something else nicer and she would agree immediately HAHA so fun to shop for kids clothes...they have such pretty dresses..and we kinda wore 'matching' dresses to da zoo LOLOL..my aunt suggested it!

lolol did i mention she's damn chor lor too? and we both sit da same way LOL


emu and her haha

hahaha at some point i was helping her to take pictures of da giraffe...and she was alone with shio....shio came back and said i dont wanna walk with her already so embarrassing! cos right...some guy behind them burped damn loudly...and she shouted EEEEEEE who burp so loud so disgusting LOLOLOLOL fucking funny hahahaha okay that's all for now ja ne!

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