Wednesday, February 18, 2009

rabu rabu RABU~~~





i've been too busy to blog lately..was either watching anime or doing my assignment whenever i was online...but im finally done with my assignment! やった!anyway i provided homestay over da weekend again! this time was really fun too! spent valentines day with them supposed to upload da pics for them to save thus this super intensive pic post ne!

超楽しかっただよ!またシンガポール来てね~寂しいよ (T_T)

who are we gonna get!? 緊張してた~

after we got our japs we went to town and met up with kai's japs!

kazuki, hiroumi, yuuya

haha hiroumi just ate chilli..yuuya likes chilli! 初めて辛いもの好きな日本人あった~

da girls..saki, mai & ami!

hahaha cam whoring in da toilet!!

haha they ate da icecream bread..LOL..outside taka fountain!

always ready to pose yuuya..and always not ready to pose kazuki~ LOLOL

oh did i mention that hiroumi is da captain of da baseball club? hahaha yakyuu bushido again! BOUZU!

hi siti..yes i uploaded your ugly pic...HAHA...

hahah siti...

first time on da double decker bus!

they look like a couple here..wahahaha

haha so shy~~~

went to play pool!

weee~ hiroumi's pretty good at it..


waahhh im so ass!

what's with da pout? (=3=) LOL

first time on da MRT~!

hiroumi looks sleepy~~~ haha

at vivocity's nat geo shop...that fossil behind was awesome man..totally cool!

carrying da fake rocks at nat geo..hahahah so heavy!

this was some freezing chamber thingy that went below -30 degrees...hahaha they tried it out..

on da monorail to sentosa!

hmm? hahaha

wee~~ 着いた!

merlion walk...

are are?? what's hiroumi doing to kazuki?? hahaha

if only da water squirted on yuuya's face....if only...hahahaha

at da beach~~~ with jeans???? hahahaha they knew that we were going to da beach yeahh...but they still wore jeans? hahaha..and sneakers to boot...couldnt play water...hhaha..tsk...



hahaha yuuya looks cute here~ OH OH OH! did you know that it's fashionable in japan to wear a SPOILT LOOSE MICKEY MOUSE watch? HAHAHAHA



haha one of da nicest pics! LOL

hahahaha shio didnt manage to get them in da air!

hahaha kai's face!

sleeping yuuyaa~~



kai's face again!

HA HA HA HA again~ lol

hahaha they are imitating da buddha!


hahaha what are da guys doing?!

da best part of homestay!!!! BASKETBALL!!! SINGAPORE VS JAPAN! hahaha japan won~~~ look at da 3 giants man...we had to jump and run like crazy to make up for da lack of height..hahaha swapped teams after a while though..haha

this pantless guy interrupted us halfway...hahahaha or rather his friends did...they stripped him of EVERYTHING..including his underwear and hung it on da freaking board while we were playing! grossssssss! i was so scared that my ball would hit his underwear! hahaha hahah yeah and da japs were happily taking pictures..LOL

hahah he finally wore pants..LOL..and im so unprepared in this pic..LOL

da polariod pic we took!

haha at my house!'s finally time for them to go...