Wednesday, February 4, 2009



uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ it's good to be back with glitz..i wont say home..LOL...i missed her so much!

thailand this time round wasnt that great...da snorkelling locations sucked...didnt see much..mostly hard corals..and da sea wasnt that clear too..kayaking in da river was fun though...minus da irritating tour guide...he kept asking us to stop and wait for da others or take a you know how difficult it is to stop da kayak when it's freaking going downstream and there's a current?!? yeahh..i fell and hit a rock too..baka janai~!

my humongous bruise!'s on my thigh

spent most of our time in thailand instead of penang..didnt spend enough time with my chibi relatives..this year banana came...haha..we nicknamed them apple orange and banana...banana's my new baby son..not! hahah he's uber cute! doesnt cry..loves to play and suck things..LOL..and bounce around on people's year he'll be able to walk!

haha he's sucking his toes!!!!!!

so fat~~~~ hahaha

apple and angel...angel's another chibi cousin..she looks like me when i was younger..very a little devil..LOL..she's loud and super rude..she once poked another girl's eye and made her cry..hahahaha...da girl was 17..LOLOL...she called my friend DUA PUI gotta love her..LOL she loves animals just like me too..haha

apple's more like da angel...quiet..really sweet and cute..and super clever for her age..obsessed with little mermaid english is really good..and most malaysian's cant speak proper english until they are much older..but she can..perfect english~ man she reads freaking a lot...she knows what is 'vast horizon' god...are 6 year olds supposed to be this smart? haha..


haha no pictures of orange yet...will post more another time...

these short breaks used to lift a load off my seems that they cant anymore...i cant even lay back and enjoy da ocean breeze..da simplicity of life....i feel nothing....i want to feel more....

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