Sunday, November 30, 2008


Our Little Dysfunctional Family

this picture's so sweet right? i felt that it really captured da gist of our relationships..we're not smiling happily like some typical family picture...but at least we have each other..

Christmas is round da corner and im thinking of changing da blog template and if you see any glitches..dont mind yeah..

Saturday, November 29, 2008


i just signed up for this new photo diary's so cute..hahaha it's kinda like mms blogging just that i cant blog via mms cos it's a jap site and i have to have a jap phone..LOL but regardless i can still upload pictures from my phone via gprs! i like that it's a total separate component from a blog..not like most blogs which has this section and that section...ahem..moblog..LOL

Friday, November 28, 2008



Next Event End of Year 13th December

hie all, i've mentioned that im working on another project right now right? haha this is kinda what i've been working on. we are gonna be digressing from our Adventures of FIERA episodes..there will still be AOF but not as often..due to da lack of commitment and's difficult to put da episode right now da crew is just gonna be me and shio. sorry for da empty promises of AOF episodes..i hope you can understand.

We did a cosplay event coverage (Autumn Matsuri) da other time, and da response was pretty good. However, da previous time at matsuri, we didn't know anything or anyone in da scene...and we realised that it was pretty rude and sudden to be asked by some random person if you wanted to be interviewed. So this time, we hope to get feedback before doing this cosplay interview again.

This is our Autumn Matsuri Coverage, the interview would be something like that. You can view da other interviews HERE.

We will be changing da concept of da video. This video decidated solely to da cosplay event and cosplay interviews.


Our Concept

1. We're not professionals and we are not doing this for profit. We just simply enjoy cosplay and like to take you could call us videographers? haha

2. Anyone can get interviewed. you can do it as a team, or a small group or alone too. We will either interview you in character or as a's up to you.

3. We would gladly interview as many cosplayers as we can (unless our battery dies, haha) . Don't worry if you stumble with your words cos we can do it over.

4. Da purpose of this interview is NOT to flame you. I've read some comments on threads saying how people outside da scene throw insults at cosplayers or just dont understand anything at all. This interview could help cosplayers gain more exposure and help others outside da scene to understand cosplay.

5. There would be a main coverage video and as for those that we could not include in da main vid, we would also upload them individually.

6. All rights would belong to us, and da cosplayers we interview. Of course, removal of video is possible. Like I mentioned before, we do not want to flame anybody. We will respect your wishes. Cosplayers will be credited respectively.


Possible Questions for Cosplay Interview:


So Naruto-san, Can you tell me why you like ramen so much?


So X-san, How long have you been cosplaying?

Why did you decide to cosplay Naruto?

After da interview, we would also ask you to strike a pose for us and we will do a video pan from head to toe. We will also be taking some pictures.

Each interview would take a maximum of 5 mins, and it will all be done at the event location. If it is too noisy, we might hold da interview somewhere quieter though (of course not anywhere too far from event location).


We are open to suggestions on what cosplayers would like to be asked, what you don't want to be asked. Please tell us what you would like to see in da Cosplay Interview. If da response is good, it is likely that we will do this for other cosplay events too.

Also, if you would like us to video you doing other things, like spoofing da anime or a mock fight between characters, it's also possible! Basically, we are open to suggestions! However, please don't tell me things like "I want to see XX cosplayer do this or that". Please go ask XX cosplayer yourselves! However, if XX cosplayer is willing, then why not!

Cosplayers whom we've interviewed before, thank you! And we hope to interview you again!

Our current obsession is BEWARE KHR Cosplayers! If you see 2 retarded girls walking up to you that would be us! haha!

Truck Loads of THANKS from,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Anime Festival Asiaaaaaaa! Part TWO


humongous gundam freedom if im not wrong? haha

Death note misa misa and light



Enma Ai

REBORN! & Leon!


code geass....!

code geass again...da quality is damn good man..

gintama! i wanted to get these but i couldnt find it..prolly all dug..LOL

hahaha..nothing much except figurines for this post..there were others but da quality of da pics are really bad because of lighting and da glass casings..

anyway right i was listening to reborn! soundtrack..and i finally felt relieved..haha or at least not as frustrated anymore...i've been soo damn irritable recently cos of something im working on..and it's just really sad for me to bitch like this about my piano and singing and whatever..cos my resolve is not this weak. haha while listening to reborn songs i remembered reborn's latest manga where gokudera and gamma were fighting. their box weapons were of equal level and what not..but gamma was telling gokudera that he would not lose cos his resolve is stronger than gokudera's big flaunting words of resolution that kids with big dreams only can sprout...basically..spoken resolution means nothing. so i asked myself is my resolution this weak and am i only flaunting my words? haha of course not. things may dampen my resolve..but it will never break..i will never let it crumble. this has always been da only path i wanna take. i always strayed..cos of parents..reality..and whatever..but i always gave up those other paths..cos this was always calling to me. it's da most painful and obstacled path..but this is da only one that i wanna take. heh..anime opens up my mind and frees my soul. LOLOLOL

that's all for now..ja nya!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anime Festival Asiaaaaaaa! Part ONE



Death Note


Rock Lee

Chibi Itachi & Deidara again

Thieves from Final Fantasy

Code Geass

Lelouch & C.C

umm what anime?


Menos Grande..haha

Final Fantasy X2


Captain Katsura & Elizabeth!

Kagura and..umm

Kagura and her dad! this uncle rocks...haha

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

da pictures for da other reborn teams screwed up man..pity..oyasumi!

Monday, November 24, 2008


hie all..sorry for da lack of updates lots of stuff going on right now..we'll try to get back on track asap..haha..anyway we went for da Anime Festival Asia on sat and sun...took pics but i've yet to edit them so..shibaraku omachi

AFA was different was freaking crowded till da point shio and i felt claustrauphobic..haha..and da toys and figurines were awesome..super high quality..i was searching for figurines to buy but it was sucha a major turn off. da guys seemed to have lost all sense of manners..pushing and digging for whatever figurines..da number of times shio and i got pushed man..tsk. photographers too..when we were taking pics of da cosplayers they can just cut in front of us when we're taking da pics. gosh..haha i guess i can understand da pushing for figurines cos there's limited stock and what not..

didnt managed to take much pics in da convention hall sucked big time..and da background was mainly people? haha there were lots of reborn cosplay teams though. heh..from a lack of gokuderas (my fav. chara from reborn!)..suddenly i was seeing gokuderas here and there. hahaha there were so many different versions of reborn cosplay..da ten year later versions..present casual version..even da painter manga scan version..

kyaaa gokudera!! he's a piano prodigy by da way. haha

i've been practicing this reborn piano piece "Drifting Clouds of Solitude" it's hibari kyouya's theme song..another hot reborn's like one of da hardest pieces i've tried to play..i try to play it by ear's so hard on my ears man..cos there're so many running notes..i seriously can wait for da day i can finally play it..haha that might take a while though..

it's so damned frustrating sometimes...when you practice and practice and you know that no matter how hard you practice you're just never gonna be good enough...not only piano..singing too..i love da piano so much..but it's never enough..i practice da piano everyday..a few times a day..when i wake up i play...when i cant sleep i play...i practice more than people who learn biggest regret in life is you know what..not being able to start playing piano when i was five..i cant possibly blame my parents of course..but i did show an interest in music since young..when i was in pri school..i wanted to join da instrumental ensemble. but they didnt let me cos i didnt have music background. stupid. so i joined choir. haha..when i asked for a parents said no.."you can play meh? play something for me to hear then." when they finally realised that i could play..that came a much later date though. they insisted that i take up piano lessons. i skipped 5 grades. LOLOL. i guess da best part about that was that i could prove my parents wrong. i quit after a month though. couldnt play under pressure..wanted to play for leisure only..even though i practice so freaking much to me it's still leisure. hahaha. if it's for leisure why am i practicing so hard then? i dont know..haha..i just wanna get better and better and better...i want to play chopin's revolutionary etude...i wanna play lizst la campanella...i wanna play schubert's many songs i wanna play and know when i fractured my wrist a couple of months back...i fell while rollerblading on a rainy day..LOL..da first thing that came to my mind was...omg..i cant play piano....haha..and when i couldnt feel my fingers...all i could think about was what am i gonna do if i cant play piano...luckily da feeling in my fingers came back after a while..da nerves were kinda damaged..kept going to da chinese doctor to rub my it's mostly back to normal but i cant stretch my fingers as far as before...i know im never gonna be good enough..but i just wish so badly that someday my playing can just match my love and passion for it...these simple songs that i play..are insulting..hahaha....

i love these kinda french traditional classic's so pretty...i would like to get one of these next time..heh..reminds me of tom & jerry..there was this episode..where tom was going to perform on da piano...and so happened that jerry was living in da piano..haha in da end they were like fighting via piano...sucha nice episode...


Friday, November 14, 2008

白トラ've heard about da white tigers mauling a worker at da zoo right? my condolences to da man..but i wonder what's gonna happen to da tigers..knowing singapore..there's a possibility that they might put da tigers to sleep..even if they are endangered.

apparently they are still investigating why da man jumped into da white tigers moat..all animals follow their instincts..i sincerely believe that they would only attack if they feel threatened..provoked..hungry..or protecting their young/territory..umm..i guess that gives them plenty of reasons to attack already...but im still surprised..

if you've seen da white tigers...and i've seen them so many'd realise that they are pretty docile..sleeping all day...i even saw one of them sleeping with it's legs all up in da air before...haha...this usually happens to animals in conservation...because they are always fed..dont have to hunt for their own food..they tend to become domesticated..not just da tigers of course...most other animals in conservation night safari..they would give da animals mimic life in da wild..but i wonder if it is enough..many of da animals walk a route in da shape of a figure 8..and that's a sign of boredom....haha you'll see many many 8s around da safari and zoo..

i've officially quit my job at night safari...hahaha hooray for me..i spent 3 years of my youth there..made many friends..had loads of fun...but it's really time to go. i always feel so tired and irritated everytime i work there..not because of my friends of course..its da way they managed da used to be so much better...with better staff welfare people would want to work better wouldnt they? da only reason why i stayed on for so damn long was because i really love animals..i get to see them for free..anytime...i get to practise my japanese...i get to meet people from all over da's a really flexible job...requires you to only commit 12 days a mth..cannot work just give your duty to someone else..hahaha sounds like a good job doesnt is peanuts though..haha...

it's supposed to be a conservation effort..but it seems like a money making attraction to me...they'd always collect donations increase da ticket price..but we'd still hear about animals being killed off because of lack of it really true? who knows..a lot of times i feel that da media in singapore is either really naive or FULL OF's like a drug dealer..they hide da truth...and cannot sell da get what im trying to say? hahaha..probably cos da tourism industry brings in lots of cash for sg..

uncle eng godfather...he's da king of japanese queen by da way...LOL..worked at night safari for 14 freaking years...he works well..really well..just that his way of speaking was really gruff..and one day a guest complained that he was he was suspended..for 2 complaint in 14 years mind you...and after 2 weeks he loyally came back to work...and they sent him home...he was nothing...even though NS is a part time is still a full time part time's not a temp job where you freaking work for few months and quit...but still nothing..nothing for 14 years...what is this? biasedness? doesnt singapore encourage da old to work because of our aging population? he's only 56..still strong..can work..utterly ridiculous and heartless...

there was a time..really really long ago..i wasnt there yet..heard from another staff...that a black out occured in NS...and one of da tigers managed to walked past da tram station and da guests all thought that it was all part of da safari experience...haha...funny didnt attack anyone..just simply walking past..but it got shot...couldnt they have tranquilized it instead?

if they're really gonna put da white tigers to sleep..anyone wants to petition with me? hahaha..seriously would a petition even work in singapore? or our democracy only means we give you a choice a) follow government b) follow..oh look government again! oops please dont sue me..seriously..i have no money. LOL

さよなら and good riddence night safari...

boon thanks for taking care of me of these years..covering up for me when i skipped work..always letting me do da easier duty...always giving me japanese station duty...haha..i'll miss da times we talked about anime or anything at all..i'll miss da times we ogled at da japanese guests together...haha i'll miss da times we went out with da supper gang late in da middle of da night...don't be too bored without me and renee okay...haha..

alvi..clarabelle..pris..carol..and da rest of supper gang...ahaha we should still go out for suppers even though we've all quit ns...haha..

siti...we'll still sure of that...japanese tour guiding and what not...haha..

takako san...yukie san...amei jie...必ず帰ってきます...心配要らないよ..日本の駅ブンちゃんに任せて。。帰ってくる時、飴ください!

uncle zai zai...i dont think you recognise me..but thanks for your cola sweets!

uncle lee...thanks for always parking da japanese tram early and making my job easier...

tk chai soon..thanks for making my job easier..cos im a girl...LOL...

nordiana and rafidah...hahaha stay young and beautiful!

haniman..we can still talk on msn...haha

to uncle mark...chris..jtb..nta..and da other japanese tour guides...haha dont worry about da newbies..they will be pro at handling japanese station in no time...

to my new friends at ns...irene...cheena staff..sorry really too many names...i'll add them in when i remember...too bad we couldnt talk more...haha...

ayok and shikin....congrats...hope you had a great wedding...sorry i couldnt be there... fellow gintama fan...meiway...shirley...vik...sorry i always skip work...hahaha...

siao eh...i hope you will still remember me when i go back...please let me feed da otters and deers again....i want to touch da bearcats also....they would surely have grown alot...

auntie jenny..thanks for always leaving da non gasey drinks for me...

rachel...for goodness can do better than night safari...hahaha..

past and present people of night safari...thanks a has been a wonderful and at times terrible experience...hahaha..but it was fun...本当に楽しかっただ。。ありがとうございます。。ナイトサファリは。。私の人生にとても大切な思い出すこととして。。絶対忘れないよ。。