Monday, November 24, 2008


hie all..sorry for da lack of updates lots of stuff going on right now..we'll try to get back on track asap..haha..anyway we went for da Anime Festival Asia on sat and sun...took pics but i've yet to edit them so..shibaraku omachi

AFA was different was freaking crowded till da point shio and i felt claustrauphobic..haha..and da toys and figurines were awesome..super high quality..i was searching for figurines to buy but it was sucha a major turn off. da guys seemed to have lost all sense of manners..pushing and digging for whatever figurines..da number of times shio and i got pushed man..tsk. photographers too..when we were taking pics of da cosplayers they can just cut in front of us when we're taking da pics. gosh..haha i guess i can understand da pushing for figurines cos there's limited stock and what not..

didnt managed to take much pics in da convention hall sucked big time..and da background was mainly people? haha there were lots of reborn cosplay teams though. heh..from a lack of gokuderas (my fav. chara from reborn!)..suddenly i was seeing gokuderas here and there. hahaha there were so many different versions of reborn cosplay..da ten year later versions..present casual version..even da painter manga scan version..

kyaaa gokudera!! he's a piano prodigy by da way. haha

i've been practicing this reborn piano piece "Drifting Clouds of Solitude" it's hibari kyouya's theme song..another hot reborn's like one of da hardest pieces i've tried to play..i try to play it by ear's so hard on my ears man..cos there're so many running notes..i seriously can wait for da day i can finally play it..haha that might take a while though..

it's so damned frustrating sometimes...when you practice and practice and you know that no matter how hard you practice you're just never gonna be good enough...not only piano..singing too..i love da piano so much..but it's never enough..i practice da piano everyday..a few times a day..when i wake up i play...when i cant sleep i play...i practice more than people who learn biggest regret in life is you know what..not being able to start playing piano when i was five..i cant possibly blame my parents of course..but i did show an interest in music since young..when i was in pri school..i wanted to join da instrumental ensemble. but they didnt let me cos i didnt have music background. stupid. so i joined choir. haha..when i asked for a parents said no.."you can play meh? play something for me to hear then." when they finally realised that i could play..that came a much later date though. they insisted that i take up piano lessons. i skipped 5 grades. LOLOL. i guess da best part about that was that i could prove my parents wrong. i quit after a month though. couldnt play under pressure..wanted to play for leisure only..even though i practice so freaking much to me it's still leisure. hahaha. if it's for leisure why am i practicing so hard then? i dont know..haha..i just wanna get better and better and better...i want to play chopin's revolutionary etude...i wanna play lizst la campanella...i wanna play schubert's many songs i wanna play and know when i fractured my wrist a couple of months back...i fell while rollerblading on a rainy day..LOL..da first thing that came to my mind was...omg..i cant play piano....haha..and when i couldnt feel my fingers...all i could think about was what am i gonna do if i cant play piano...luckily da feeling in my fingers came back after a while..da nerves were kinda damaged..kept going to da chinese doctor to rub my it's mostly back to normal but i cant stretch my fingers as far as before...i know im never gonna be good enough..but i just wish so badly that someday my playing can just match my love and passion for it...these simple songs that i play..are insulting..hahaha....

i love these kinda french traditional classic's so pretty...i would like to get one of these next time..heh..reminds me of tom & jerry..there was this episode..where tom was going to perform on da piano...and so happened that jerry was living in da piano..haha in da end they were like fighting via piano...sucha nice episode...


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