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Next Event End of Year 13th December

hie all, i've mentioned that im working on another project right now right? haha this is kinda what i've been working on. we are gonna be digressing from our Adventures of FIERA episodes..there will still be AOF but not as often..due to da lack of commitment and's difficult to put da episode right now da crew is just gonna be me and shio. sorry for da empty promises of AOF episodes..i hope you can understand.

We did a cosplay event coverage (Autumn Matsuri) da other time, and da response was pretty good. However, da previous time at matsuri, we didn't know anything or anyone in da scene...and we realised that it was pretty rude and sudden to be asked by some random person if you wanted to be interviewed. So this time, we hope to get feedback before doing this cosplay interview again.

This is our Autumn Matsuri Coverage, the interview would be something like that. You can view da other interviews HERE.

We will be changing da concept of da video. This video decidated solely to da cosplay event and cosplay interviews.


Our Concept

1. We're not professionals and we are not doing this for profit. We just simply enjoy cosplay and like to take you could call us videographers? haha

2. Anyone can get interviewed. you can do it as a team, or a small group or alone too. We will either interview you in character or as a's up to you.

3. We would gladly interview as many cosplayers as we can (unless our battery dies, haha) . Don't worry if you stumble with your words cos we can do it over.

4. Da purpose of this interview is NOT to flame you. I've read some comments on threads saying how people outside da scene throw insults at cosplayers or just dont understand anything at all. This interview could help cosplayers gain more exposure and help others outside da scene to understand cosplay.

5. There would be a main coverage video and as for those that we could not include in da main vid, we would also upload them individually.

6. All rights would belong to us, and da cosplayers we interview. Of course, removal of video is possible. Like I mentioned before, we do not want to flame anybody. We will respect your wishes. Cosplayers will be credited respectively.


Possible Questions for Cosplay Interview:


So Naruto-san, Can you tell me why you like ramen so much?


So X-san, How long have you been cosplaying?

Why did you decide to cosplay Naruto?

After da interview, we would also ask you to strike a pose for us and we will do a video pan from head to toe. We will also be taking some pictures.

Each interview would take a maximum of 5 mins, and it will all be done at the event location. If it is too noisy, we might hold da interview somewhere quieter though (of course not anywhere too far from event location).


We are open to suggestions on what cosplayers would like to be asked, what you don't want to be asked. Please tell us what you would like to see in da Cosplay Interview. If da response is good, it is likely that we will do this for other cosplay events too.

Also, if you would like us to video you doing other things, like spoofing da anime or a mock fight between characters, it's also possible! Basically, we are open to suggestions! However, please don't tell me things like "I want to see XX cosplayer do this or that". Please go ask XX cosplayer yourselves! However, if XX cosplayer is willing, then why not!

Cosplayers whom we've interviewed before, thank you! And we hope to interview you again!

Our current obsession is BEWARE KHR Cosplayers! If you see 2 retarded girls walking up to you that would be us! haha!

Truck Loads of THANKS from,

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