Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Anime Festival Asiaaaaaaa! Part TWO


humongous gundam freedom if im not wrong? haha

Death note misa misa and light



Enma Ai

REBORN! & Leon!


code geass....!

code geass again...da quality is damn good man..

gintama! i wanted to get these but i couldnt find it..prolly all dug..LOL

hahaha..nothing much except figurines for this post..there were others but da quality of da pics are really bad because of lighting and da glass casings..

anyway right i was listening to reborn! soundtrack..and i finally felt relieved..haha or at least not as frustrated anymore...i've been soo damn irritable recently cos of something im working on..and it's just really sad for me to bitch like this about my piano and singing and whatever..cos my resolve is not this weak. haha while listening to reborn songs i remembered reborn's latest manga where gokudera and gamma were fighting. their box weapons were of equal level and what not..but gamma was telling gokudera that he would not lose cos his resolve is stronger than gokudera's big flaunting words of resolution that kids with big dreams only can sprout...basically..spoken resolution means nothing. so i asked myself is my resolution this weak and am i only flaunting my words? haha of course not. things may dampen my resolve..but it will never break..i will never let it crumble. this has always been da only path i wanna take. i always strayed..cos of parents..reality..and whatever..but i always gave up those other paths..cos this was always calling to me. it's da most painful and obstacled path..but this is da only one that i wanna take. heh..anime opens up my mind and frees my soul. LOLOLOL

that's all for now..ja nya!

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