Thursday, November 6, 2008

blondiesss and stories! so bumped right now! haha after deciding what to cosplay and spending more than $250 bucks on da not gonna cosplay it anymore! i guess da thing that ticked me off most was that..i never even considered that i would look ridiculous as a blonde!

haha i have nothing against blondies nor do i believe in those dumb stereotypes..but da more i see myself as a blonde like..omg...hahaha furthermore my hair is like super thick..everytime i try to draw my brows doesnt work! i look like some ah lian with undyed brows..UGH!

shio calls us da two dumb blondes here. hahaha glitz is really clever yeah..just..really really klutzy. LOL

on a side note..ever since we started filming and editing da halloween episode..da crew and i have been experiencing weird stuff...seriously! i freaking dreamt of sadako..and she was chasing us in da dream. and sadako cant run? it was more like we couldnt run away at all. after that i was forcefully awoken..da kind where you suddenly open your eyes and your heart's beating so quickly kind! shio and edi both said they saw something too..and it was a long black haired something..damn! i've been receiving unknown calls too..and everytime i answer it goes beep beep beep...freaky!

this isnt da first time i've had supernatural experiences though..i was up till super late..3am plus? haha nocturnal..anyway glitz started to bark and growl non stop at da window..when i faced da window..i saw some shadowed thingy..crawling through...and i was like crap! i immediately ran out with glitz and slammed da door. haha didnt even bother turning off da comp..DUH!

because of da halloween event at night safari..there's been a sudden uproar of ghost stories..night safari is haunted..for real!

Case 1

you know da mangrove walk with da flying foxes (bats)? haha dont ever go in there alone. da trail marshalls would always flush guests out before da night safari closes. and here's how it goes...

trail marshall sees a guest in da mangrove walk..and shouts from afar..

"excuse me! we're have to leave!"

no TM goes and taps da person's shoulder..and says da same thing..

'person' turns around...and tadah! NO FACE!!!

it's da same with da zookeepers..

zookeeper's busy feeding da bats...feels a tap on her shoulder..turns around....


"Go away im busy..dont disturb me!"

man this is one brave FEMALE zookeeper..i forgot who it was though...hahaha

Case 2

Guest: "excuse me..there's a girl sitting on top of da tree at da forest giant's trail..can you ask her to come's really dangerous."

Staff freaks out but asks: "Sir are you sure?"

obviously da guest said said staff gathered da supervisors and some security guards (LOL) and they by da way..went to da forest giant's trail..haha of course..there was nothing there...but they all claimed that da temp suddenly dropped to really cold..

Case 3

night safari often has personalized tours for small groups via buggy..there was one time..da buggy broke down at one of da routes..this route had no animals was supposed to be a shortcut..

one of da guests suddenly started to freak out...saying that there was a pair of red eyes staring at her...

da guide also saw da freaking eyes...but in order to calm da guest down..said no...but secretly freaking out too...haha...

Case 4

if you observe will realise that there's a chained area with a red chair in's along da tram route..somewhere after fishing cat trail...why?...

haha there are probably more..but that's all i can remember for now...and im late for work!!!!! so ja nya!!

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