Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Power of Google Translate

hie all! i was wondering if people understood my japanese posts..and someone told me one could just translate it via
Google Translate so i tried it out...and it was damn hilarious! i used THIS POST for reference.

this is da translation..

Part One


"Japanese classes in recent surveys. Survey of Singapore, there are many, Hazama Kono and the questionnaire was very different. The reason for their existence and purpose of life have given it a thought? All of this survey were asked this question! Not funny? I have not done until now. "

haha...hazama kono really cracks me up..cos i didnt write any hazama kono at all! what's is that in da first place! here's what it actually says..

during a recent japanese class, i did a questionnaire. there are many types of questionnaires in singapore. but da one that i did da other day was completely different.
(where is hazama kono?!) have you ever thought about your reason for existence or calling in life? da questionnaire that i did contained all questions of this sort. isnt it weird? (not funny? LOL) i've never done such a questionnaire before.

Part Two


"I even thought about it many times is the norm. But what's my answer? I was bewildered. I want to be a singer, this is my purpose in life? GURITSU alive for now I have something in the future? "

Of course, i've thought about it many times. But what's my answer? i was really confused. i wanna be a singer, but is it really my purpose in life? da me who's living for da sake of glitz, what could my future hold?

Part Three


"Singapore's life is abhorrent. Do you go to all the same, the same idea. For almost all the money I'm alive. Our world, it often will win the surface. Hate. And feelings of love and soul mate is what happened? To do the same thing day after day, studying, in college, work and marriage, and children growing up, and then you die. What's this? That way they'll do all the other people do not even keep up? NANKANAI dream? Why can not escape from the eternal cycle?"

I really hate life in singapore. everyone's going in da same direction, they even have the same way of thinking. people are generally living for da sake of money. in our world, da superficial stuff usually wins. i hate it. what happened to our souls, camaraderie and feelings of love? everyday, everyday we do da same things, study, enter university, work, marry, have children, die. what's this? isn't it cos society is doing it this way that's why every other person also follows along? don't we have dreams and such?(nankanai always cant be translated..haha i have no idea why..LOL) why cant we escape from this eternal cycle?

i realised that this sounds really vague...emo stuff cant really be explained can it? hahaha..i guess it's really unfair to society..da way i say it..after all..people have families to support..and what not..sometimes i wish singaporeans would be more open to different concepts of thinking..and less obliged to follow the invisible laws of society. freedom in singapore is nothing but a dream. cos we're all bound by unseen circumstances.

Part Four


"I like vampire FERI or other biological unrealistic to believe. Also want to believe the existence of other worlds. I want to go to the world of animation. No humans want. I do not want a super power. ."

i believe in vampires, fairies (FERI LOL) and other imaginary living beings. i also want to believe in da existence of other worlds..i want to live in a world like anime (LOL)..i dont want to be a useless human (of cos my useless here has a different meaning from money grubbing suckers in da world)...ahhh i want super powers....hahaha

Part Five


"Well, this is my questionnaire! I also expect you to do!"

da questionnaire below is mine..try it out to yeah!
(lol..i expect you to sounds rude..haha)


i guess it's pretty good for an online translator ..if you translate one sentence at a time it's pretty accurate too..just that da structure of da sentence is wrong. it's super helpful when im online shopping at jap sites like rakuten da way..this month's AOF will only be uploaded at da end of da month..really really late end of da month..hahaha im kinda working on another project...heh..that's all for now...ja nya!

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