Friday, November 5, 2010

yukata feru!

i forgot to blog about da wine convention lols. i tried wearing a yukata for da first time da other day and what an experience. lolols it looks real pretty and all..but it's crazy uncomfortable! da obi forces you to stand damn straight and since i had no geta (japanese sandals) i had to wear heels. OMG. within half an hour my back started to hurt. and by de end of da feet and back were killing meeee. we had to stand from 10 - 6.30!!!!! it's damn hard to walk too lolols..da second day i supposed it got better. LOLS instead of da pain in my back and feet. all da pain went to my knees LOLOL i was running after da bus and i fell! fel fell LOLOLOLS saw my wounds in da halloween pics? they were real! lolols scraped my knees really badly. and you know on that day addition to da fall i tripped another 4 times! omigosh...power to me. LOLS my hobby really is falling lols ORZ

yoshimi-chan and me on da first day~ i had my hair in a high ponyshuu instead..

we didnt take much pics...yoshimi and i not much of a camwhore LOL

i found this pic on fb!


Anonymous said...

You remind me of my friend Nima...who's also a...ehum...'camwhore'. lol

I thought such costumes were called Kimono.

FIERA said...

hey ronin! i just realized you've been commenting a lot on my blog posts! thank you~ sorry for not replyin..i dont get notifications for comments so i wouldnt know if there would be any!

these were summer kimonos by da yukatas~