Tuesday, March 23, 2010


damn sad. so tired but only managed to catch 2 hours of sleep. i really hate it when i cant seem to fall asleep no matter what. im doing my song research and all now. sigh. i need sleep. omg..having a terrible headache. i really need to catch up with a lot of people but i dont have time at all. even my weekends..i just wanna stay home and rest up and de-stress by watching anime..reading manga or just spend time with glitz. i guess right now im giving all my time to music...lol so da only people i've been seeing is da band. i wonder how's everyone...

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Anonymous said...

You know if you don't get proper amount of sleep then u'll get dark circles under your eyes. And once they come they are difficult to go.

Have you seen the movie : The Machinist. It's got Christian Bale in it and in it he's an insomniac. You should see it.