Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vongola Festival!!!!



this game is uber fun. i completed it a few days's a brainless type of game..and it's so cute and funny!

Tsuna VS Black Spell Tazaru

Challenge: Skipping (LOL)

Tsuna VS Byakuran

Challenge: Eating

Training dayo!

Challenge: Open da doors and avoid lasers. Lasers would cause Gola Mosca to be activated.

hahaha i purposely made gokudera win...really! LOL

Hyper Tsuna Vs Byakuran

Challenge: Battle!

Versus da Boar person..UM..i forget his name LOL

Challenge: Avoid his lightning beam..Ryouhei Tsuna and Gokudera..

My poor hayato! lolol..

there're like many more mini challenges...kokuyo games..bianchi's and fuuta's casino...LOL..bahhhhh

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