Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Memory of a Dear Friend

Dedicated to the Granddad I never had..

A Song for the Lost

Words caressed me like a winter's breeze
The deafening silence coldly pierces me
Of every sweet breath I longed to hear
Never was it of your sudden departure

Unsaid farewells you left behind
Promised meetings we never did try
That last phone call would never suffice
Now all's too late to say our goodbyes

I pray I pray you can hear me say
Your smiles your laughter I would surely miss
For only you my unfeeling heart secretly weeps
You were stronger than this
You were never meant to leave
God's a thief who stole you from me
Why why before I could say sorry
Why couldn't I have said goodbye

As days go by and grievance dies
Don't cry don't cry I've not forgotten
This lonely december I'd always remember
Goodbye goodbye my dear friend and father

Love always,

dear uncle eng kiat..thanks for teaching me all there is to japanese station...thanks for all da fun and laughter we had at night safari...thanks for these past three years...thanks for buying me that hello kitty bag i never did appreciate...thanks for making me your goddaughter...thanks for talking crap with me and making fun of me...thanks for always insisting in having me stationed at jap station with you...thanks for everything...

sorry i couldnt do anything when you got fired...sorry that your last memory in night safari was so fucked up...sorry i only called you once in while...sorry i didnt have lunch with you....sorry i couldnt have lunch with you...sorry i didnt know how hard you had it going...sorry i didnt say goodbye....

i swear i'll come back stronger than ever...i swear i'll become someone you'll be proud of....i swear i would definitely achieve my dreams....when i do...let's have lunch together...

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