Tuesday, December 9, 2008

熊 熊 熊本!


da past 3 days have been a blast! apparently da japs werent from tokyo but kumamoto..they couldnt speak much english..but that made it even funnier..LOL..shio and them were communicating like chickens and ducks! haha they spoke to her in jap with lots of hand actions and she went (o_O)"" hahahaha

check out da monk club! hahaha i was wondering why da hell do they all have no hair..and guess what! it's like da 武士道 of da baseball club! it's a rule that they have no hair..LOLOL their baseball team is like damn pro..region champions i think..and their school..sounds damn fun. they have normal class and sports class. da girls are in normal class..and da guys sports class. mon and tues they have normal lessons..and wed to fri they have baseball lessons! hahaha and sat and sun..FULL DAY baseball prac! that's extremely extreme man!

raffles city christmas tree! after that we went to da arcade..haha and as usually i wasted money trying to catch some toy..UGH one of da guys managed to catch one though. haha

left to right: Kyouhei, Seigi, Ryouta, Kentarou, Kai, ME, Ayumi, Reika, Siti

lunch next day was at prata house at yio chu kang..i swear da three on da left look alike..hahaha

da guys on da bus..they look like they were gonna die! haha..but they we all had a long day before..sentosa in da morning..shopping and then arcading..we only reached home around 11 plus. furthermore, two of da guys..seigi and kentarou were being hosted near lakeside mrt..that's like super far away la. and da host cant speak english..and da english speaking son was working..so i had to teach them how to get there..had to change train and everything..even had to take bus from lakeside..thank goodness they made it back safely.

anyway..after prata..we went to east coast! and what great memories they made..especially seigi..haha..i think he has terrible motion sickness...he puked after da bus...while cycling..man..ate meds..but didnt wanna see da doctor..i doubt it was food poisoning cos everyone ate da same thing..mm..

siti looks awesome as usual..LOLOL

when people look weird she looks normal..hahahaha

making funny faces with da guys...hahaha seigi is damn blur..even without being sick he was already quite blur. hahaha he looked like he was really wondering what everyone was looking at! LOLOLOL

hahaha acting cute..hahahaha i swear kentarou's damn funny! he's like quite popular in da baseball team...wait till everyone sees this picture man. hahahaha da rest were all laughing at him!

hahaha i wonder what ryouta's doing...seigi still looks like he's dying...hahaha

da tide suddenly came up and my shorts got wet!!!


after east coast we were planning on bringing them to chomp chomp to eat...but seigi seemed to be feeling like crap...so they all crashed at my house instead...some of us went to buy ingredients for steamboat...while seigi rested..haha my dad came home and was like..how come one of them is drunk? LOLOL hahaha in de end kentarou and seigi stayed in my house together with ayumi and reika...cos seigi remained drunk till damn late...hahaha..kai brought ryouta and kyouhei back to his though...

we stayed all da way up till 4 plus in da morning! we played cards...and that was totally hilarious! they were trying to explain to me da rules of da game...and i didnt understand why...it was kinda like daidee but not? hahaha they kept laughing at me cos i didnt know how to pronounce diamond in jap..it's supposed to DIA-HIN-MIN...but i kept saying DIA-MON-DO..LOLOLOL..when i finally got da game...shio took my place cos i went to bathe..LOL..another chicken and duck moment..

i explained to her da game before i left..but apparently she didnt know what i was talking about when i thought she did..so she was asking them..how come da card strength can suddenly change..2 spades becoming da smallest instead...so they went "????? ????? ????? ?????? ???" and shio just nodded her head and said "PASSU" hahahaha and then she wanted to ask again..can joker replace any card...and they didnt understand what she was trying to say.."RIPURESU..RIPURESU..RIPURESU" lololol..kentarou thought for like damn long and in de end he "HAI!" hahahahaha

after a while seigi finally woke up...and we all brought glitz and karu down for walk..then we went to 7 11....it was like 3 plus already...and when we got back..we played fortune telling...LOLOL..apparently my skills suckk! we still watched anime together after that! hahahaha finally when we were gonna sleep..glitz and karu went to sleep together with seigi! so cute!

morning came and it was time for them to go already...we first went to lakeside to get kentarou's and seigi's luggages...imagine this okay..it's a seven seater car...but da back two seats were pushed down to make space in da boot..da middle seats were pushed all da way front..so there was no leg space..four freaking HUGE luggages in da back...while kentarou..seigi..reika and i squatted and squeezed together in da back with da luggages. LOLOL..shio squeezed in da middle together with their hand carry bags...she was da only one who could fit..hahaha and ayumi sat in front with my dad..when we arrived at da meet up location their schoolmates were laughing! hahaha

man i wished they could have stayed longer..it's been a long time since i had so much fun and made new friends..hahaha..but eventually everything comes to an end..

i was in sucha a great mood...and then i got a call..telling me that my godfather passed away...da one who was fired like nothing from night safari after 14 years of service...da king of our japanese station...best you know..seriously i dont know what to say or feel....on saturday...da day that he passed away..i was just talking to another colleague..saying that we should go out some time with him...and da number of times i've heard lakeside....I FUCKING HATE LAKESIDE...first i had to explain to kentarou and seigi how to go there when it's not my job to...and i dont even know how to go their house...kept calling da auntie..when my chinese like shit...she told me her son could teach them how..but he was working...so in de end i had to...i felt so bad for kentarou and seigi..have to travel to some unknown place by themselves..only with my crappy instructions..that's why i asked them to join us instead..furthermore i have ayumi and reika to take care of too..lakeside lakeside lakeside...da funeral's at fucking lakeside too...thank you man..thanks a lot.

isnt it amazing? how i can set aside my emotions and blog about something so fun and happily and end it like that? i can still talk and laugh..and totally repress it too. comes with years of experience man..hahaha..i think i can win academy award for acting.

i hate it that my heart keeps dying...

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