Saturday, July 10, 2010

200th pzzt

oh look it's my 200th post but i've got nothing special to blog or to rant about. in a very weird..jaded..lethargic mood right now. just want to disappear...on a no carb regime again. everytime i lose i gain back after a while. haha sucks..i should really really not give in to temptation and just drink soup everyday. haha oh yea..must be lethargic cos haven't been eating much. oh wells this time i've gotta lose and stick to it..might be doing modelling again..soon. maybe. it's been such a long while...i think i look different now. maybe? maybe not? haha im not sure..ahh 2D...i wanna be 2D. hahaha i wonder how i'd look like if i was 2D..hmm..i think i'll try photoshopping..haha im bad at photoshop. i only know how to edit brightness and contrast...anne does it..most of da time.

okay im officially bored outta my mind. i just spent more than an hour trying to animate myself haha!

hahah i bloated my eyes super lots and erased my nose lolol i erased my lips too cept da lines.

colour looks very fakee..but i dont know how to edit already.

hahaha original pic so horrible..needed a front shot though...ugh i should be 2D..i think i look nicer. lololol

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