Thursday, July 22, 2010

hair on my waffles

is it me or are girls hair suddenly becoming real nice and glossy? did some modeling gig at paddles place and had a really good chance to observe thousands of people..or rather of da dogs of society. lol i think everyone's like using essential now. all da bloggers are advertising it. and i cant deny that essential freaking rocks too. lol my hair length is once again at my ass and with da sudden rise of people with nice and glossy hair i think i should start taking care of my hair too. i dont even condition or comb my hair hahaha it's just freaking straight and annoying. just prefer it to be messed up. but glossy hair seems really nice so maybe i'll start combing it. hahahaha even when i dont comb it it becomes freaking straight like an hour after i leave home lor. hair spray and all dont work also. sooooooooooooooooooo darn annoying. so since it's not working i shall just opt for glossy hair la. at least i can swing my hair around hahahaha. my mom bought new shampoo! herbal essence smells soooo good not bad also. i support da essential hype but i really am too lazy to do anything more than shampoo. lolol taking care of my horrid skin is too much of a chore already. okay im up really early and i feel like having waffles. lolol it's MORNINGGGGG

gooooooood fucken morning rotten worldddddd~

as usual modeling sucks. it's surprisingly tiring even though most of da time we just stand there and look pretty. i think it's da costumes and da massive amounts of stares and makeup. at least da costume was fun and ridiculous rather than sexy and sleazy this time. i rather look dumb. hahahahaha oh fatimah's up. my new sister. lololol okay didnt bother taking pictures. i'll see if fb has any and kope lolol byeee WAFFLESSS RAWRRR

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