Sunday, April 11, 2010

i miss da straw hat crew.....

im suffering from one piece manga this not seeing da straw hat crew for so many months made me go crazy in uniqlo. LOL uniqlo's having a disney and anime season right now...and there are loads of mickey shirts..and what not...marvel and mgm right i saw dragonball and luffy's face on their banner but was wondering where those shirts are cos all i saw was mickey mouse....low and behold anime stuff only came in guy sizes...sigh...nevermind still hoped there was a size s for da luffy shirt....there wasnt...sigh...but guess what i found! 


hahahaha what a steal!!!!!!! super super super cuteee!! ahhhh chopper i miss youuuu....sighhh was squealing to anne when i saw this la! lol got a shirt featuring my all time favourite cartoon toooo...

and it's da tuxedo version hehh im very pleased with my purchases...bought another two pants and a tinkerbell hoodie that says...'the perfect place for pixies to perch'...lolol wheeee

i think im having anime fever...lolol

gintama much? lol

you'd never guess da name of this muffin lol

haha epic! kintoki! lolol sorry private joke for all gintama fans LOL

i wished they tasted better than they looked....they're not really muffins's exactly da same as da chinese steamed coloured cake you can find in pasar malams.....very very bland.....glitz didnt even want to eat it....and everyone knows what a glutton she is.....i dont know..maybe they're supposed to taste like snack or something...

another scoooreeeeee! lol an authentic tanuki statue! i've never seen one in 'person' see them on tourists brochures or depictions in anime...and i saw this little fella in a really quaint place in serangoon gardens! it's a new nara restaurant...didnt get to try da food there cos it was wayy tooo it looked rather expensive though..i'll try it next timee! 

that's all for now...ja nya!

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