Monday, August 3, 2009


Unwavering agony, begone, flee,

Flee as thou summons thee.
Disillusioned memories, forsaken soul,
Come back to me, redeem me.
Fantasies, desire love,
Break me from this sanity.
Welcomed nightmares, holding dreams,
Free me from reality,
Save me from reality.

Unfulfilled vengence, innocent masks,
Damn the mortal enshrouded in bloodlust.
Praying, hoping, lost in sin,
Drowning in a dream to be.
Prisoned, abyss of darkness,
Release me from thy relentless clutches.
Cursing, hiding, fearing fuck knows what,
Crucify thy shattered heart,
Crucify thy broken heart.

Sweet damnation has comed.
Foolish humanity's been judged.
Hellish wars consumed peace.
For the unforgiven sin of one.
The punishment has begun.

Free me, kill me,
Save me from reality.

edited version...dont know if my usage of old english is correct....just came back from east coast...been a while....kinda nostalgic...had a fun popiah of stuff running through my mind right now....bahh...

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