Sunday, August 16, 2009

as expected..

once again da big P comes into play...politics politics never does leave me alone does it? no matter how much i refuse to involve never stops shadowing me. i really had enough of it at night safari. not here too. leave me aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeee..dont fucking care......take your money and status and shove it up your fucking asss!!!!!!!!!!! oh look! there's da richest and most powerful fucktard in da world...let's all go squeeze our boobies and flash him our undies! wheeeeeeeee..WOW wouldnt everything be easier..but seriously..get off your high horse. it's girls like these that make me wish i wasnt one. pssht. it's no wonder why there are so many gay men out there. LOL god what a terrible day ive had. binged on so much junk food today. in da midst of training for thrashed like hell..even though they were going easy on me..still got thrashed. i understand why nic always wants to play again whenever they lost..losing sucks! yea duh lol wonder how long it would take for me to become good enough. i wanna be pro enough at potm!!!!! well it hasnt even been 10 games..and 3 of it were vs computer..LOL long long long way to go. ive been bloggin a lot lately..more of ranting though..hahaha what do you do when da cup is always so full that every tiny drop would cause it to overflow? yea..did i mention that money got deducted from my bank account even though my transaction was unsuccessful? i am fucking broke. seriously. i need to go to da fucking bank and hopefully i can get my money back. boohoohoo.

on a side and rather irrelevant i won guitar heroes in da olympics last my dream of course LOLOL silver medal only though. pao claims that it's because he's da one who got gold LOL

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