Friday, August 14, 2009


oh gosh i just came back from a crazy night at colo..we were celebrating da end of probation for some of da full congratsss..everyone was high and wasted man. especially alvin. haha still can tell me he knows his limits...hahaha oh boy. da crazy shit they did today..fucking hilarious yet...extremely disturbing LOL da guys groping and passionately making out lol though they faked it...still it's a sight i dont really want to remember..hahaha da numerous 'sexy' dances..rofl man. i oughta be sleeping right now cos i have work tomorrow..ahhhh but im pissed with my debit card ugh..da number of failed transactions man..zzz gotta change my card asap. anyway i finally found da jacket i've been hunting for after a long long long long time. found it at revoltage. yayy..saw a similar jacket in japan but it was 700 bucks with some sort of embroidery on da back. saw it in ed hardy too..but it cost 900 bucks..super colourful with with designs on da back's a baseball jacket. heh..da one i got was a plain white one..way wayyyyyyyy cheaper..110 considering customizing it though..prolly a number behind with my initials or something..but i dont know if it would look strange..mmmmmmm..oh yeah when my skin totally heals im gonna touch up my tatts! and im gonna get another one hahaha...i really love this>

this is da original's really ethereal right..i love that it has da moon..fairies water nature sword..hahaha so me.

sadly tatts cant be done like that so i inverted da colours and edited da contrast and all..i doubt da real one would still be as nice as this..but i'll probably ask da artist to work around this...and depending on how it turns out..i may or may not get it after all. initially i wanted to get it done at my nape. but it's a little too big for in between my shoulder blades? hahaha..not gonna get a tramp stamp. lol..i would prefer it if da cresent was facing da other way round too...mmm mmm...lots of ramblings tonight..hahaha okayy i think i should go sleep..ja ne~

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